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Math Game

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Resi Respati, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Time for another forum game. Rules are simple, I'll post a hard math question, the first to answer it correctly posts another question, and so on, and so on...

    Let's start off with an easy one. Convert the following to its simplest form:


    Good luck :)

    EDIT: You can also show how each question are solved if you could.
  2. ((x-y)(x+y)+y^2)^0.5 = x

    Edit: Do you want to see work too? This is a great idea, its been years since my last math course and I don't use it enough in my work. Good practice!
  3. what means ^ please
  4. power elevation
    in particular ^0.5 means square root of ...
  5. Yes, you can show how it work if you could.

    And, you're correct. :)
  6. Sorry for the delay, I didn't have time last night to come up with a new one.


    First, FOIL and simplify the first part (or know the pattern):
    (x-y)(x+y) =
    x^2 + xy - xy - y^2 =
    x^2 - y^2

    So then:
    (x^2 - y^2 + y^2)^0.5 =

    Then do a little exponent math
    (x^2)^0.5 =
    x^(2 * 0.5) =
    x^1 =


    Keeping it simple still, I know calculators can do this no problem, but you need to show your work!

    Next problem:

    Find the equation of a line (in slope-intercept form) that passes thru the coordinates (9,3) and (1,-2).
  7. I'm curious to see next one math expression :D
  8. The next problem is the last line my last post, not a simplification problem, but finding the equation that represents a line instead:

  9. bad I dont understand any word of your english math :d paper would be better :D
  10. y=(5x-21)/8
  11. Thats right, you're up.
  12. find the parabolic curve passing through next three points:
    (-1, 4), (0, 6) and (1, 14)
  13. Ondrej, would something like this attachment help? I put it into a form like what you would see in a textbook. Note that the decimals are represented with periods "0.5" and not commas "0,5".

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  14. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    nvm stupid question
  15. yea thats much more better :) as known math is international stuff only on paper :)
  16. Well, I was holding off to see if someone else would solve this one since I didn't want to come up with a new problem, but to move it along here is the answer :)

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  17. the right answer, you're up mate :D
  18. Ok, next problem:

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  19. -5/4 and 1?
  20. That is correct. Your turn!