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WIP Mashup City

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by luthobu, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Hello everybody.

    A couple years ago I made a private track called "Mashup City" as a prequel
    to "Gizmo's Trail". It was meant to be a private track for testing various (now obsolete)
    shaders and ideas and it eventually developed into a track on it's own. Since many of
    the models are "ripp-offs" from other tracks and meant for personal use only, I kept
    the track for myself and some beta-testers.

    But, there is something called "fair use" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_use) which
    applies to copyrighted material, and as such, also applies to the use of the models used
    in the track. Therefore, when I have cleaned it up and CG'd it properly, I will might make
    it available to the public.

    The reason for posting this beforehand is because I hope to get some feedback
    from the community on use of the term "fair use". If you want to take a look at the
    OLD version (no cg version from 2010) there is a gallery here:

    TIA, Luthobu.
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  2. You are treading where none should go, but imho if the creator of the work in racer is no longer contactable then the item should be fair game. Credit must be given in any case.

    There are plenty of free textures that you can use from the internet found by using Google.

    Just my 2 cents, lira, mark, pound etc.
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  3. Thanks boomer, appreciate it, even though it was a real thread killer ;)
    A shame really, since it is a nice track and I don't use Racer as much
    as before. It will just go to waste. But I learned alot from it, and am
    still learning as I am making a CG version, just for fun. I'll focus on
    the two main tracks that I yet have to finnish, Small City and Gizmo's
    Trail. They will be the last tracks I make for Racer I guess. Just want
    to complete what I started :)

    FTR: This is a list of models used, the rest I did myself. Textures are for the most part
    free for use, except for the ones I used from City Track Drift.

    City Track, drift (smr597): base square and city roads, many buildings
    Driftage (djgizmo): desert track
    Initial_D_Town (djgizmo): terrasse
    Mountain Pass (djgizmo): terrain
    Speedest3 (some1): some buildings
    Liberty_City (Rockstar/some1): boxes
    Detroit GP (Teancum): flowerbeds, colosseum, bridges, billboards, main part of gas station
    Sidewayz_Autocross (NFSManiax): Ford Truck
    Polish_Roads (Lato): Fiats
    Small_City 2009 (Racer community): Car205, Church, old building, desert hut, offices, warehouses

    Anyway, to those who read this and did not reply, thanks for at least
    showing some interest in my work, even though I have been away for
    quite some time. Tata and take care.
  4. At some point when Racer can support it, one should take a bunch of other tracks that are long roads or cities/towns and merge them together to make a small country/continent. That might be cool. and you have the welcome signs up naming who made what. etc.

    You would want permission of course and merging the terrain/roads might be tricky to get looking right. The spacing would have to be tweaked, and there would need to be more content to work with. I am not talking small scale here, I mean something like polish roads connecting the cities/towns.

    But of course I cannot help with that so I should shut up. :p
  5. Heh. You just summed up what I did with Gizmo's tracks.. that is what
    Gizmo's trail basically is.. several different tracks by djGizmo/GizmoY,
    AMGfan, Raphael and myself, all put together and with permission of course.

    The point is not the making, but the offence of permissions. According
    to "Fair Use" a simple model from a larger track "should" be considered
    "legal" as it stands as a "quote" from a larger piece of work. IMNSHO
    I think it is petty of a trackmaker to disallow the use of one or two
    unimortant models in other tracks - as long as the track, what model(s),
    and its creator is mentioned. I could of course make most of this track
    from scratch, but I have already made it and see no point in reinventing
    any wheels.. ;)

    PS: I should add that I have permission to use the models from djGizmo,
    tahustvedt, the Small City track (of course) and some others. It is only
    City Track Drift, Detroit, the Ford and Fiat, and Speedest3 I lack permissions
    to use.. funny thing is, you would probably not even recognize what is from
    where, except the Ford and the Fiats.. heh
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  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    The way I see it is that as long as the members that are still around give permission, go for it. Like boomer said, the members that are long gone are fair game. Not sure where RD would stand on it though, so if you do upload just tell us where to find it ;) Basically as long as you have Some1's permission lol

    Nice to see you around, again, Luke :)
  7. luthobu, I do not mean just one city though, I mean Mashup Country! :p
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  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Looks very nice.. I'm happy to beta test for you... *cough*

    Seriously though, looks good.
  9. I do believe as well that if the OA is long gone, and you cannot contact them it is fair use.

    And the track does look nice, wouldn't mind beta testing it *cough*
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  10. *hacks and coughs like an old man smoker* ;p id surely like to give it a whiz as well
  11. Ok, I have cleaned up the track a bit and am replacing the models that
    would be considered "offensive":

    City Track, drift (smr597):
    base square and city roads - Partly and mostly redone
    many buildings - Since I only used the meshes which are square boxes I do not
    consider it "stealing". The textures have all been replaced.
    Driftage (djgizmo): desert track - Used with permission but now removed
    Initial_D_Town (djgizmo): terrasse - Used with permission
    Mountain Pass (djgizmo): terrain - Used with permission
    Speedest3 (some1): some buildings - Replaced
    Liberty_City (Rockstar/some1): boxes - Replaced with the ones from Gizmo's trail
    Detroit GP (Teancum): flowerbeds, colosseum, bridges, billboards, part of gas station - teancum did the conversion and the "original" owner is not available. Only meshes have been used and altered heavily.
    Sidewayz_Autocross (NFSManiax): Ford Truck - Replaced with Stereos models
    Polish_Roads (Lato): Fiats - replaced with Stereos models
    Small_City 2009 (Racer community): Car205, Church, old building, desert hut, offices, warehouses - Most meshes used are by tahustvedt, the others are considered "legal".

    So, with this change Mashup City it will be 100% legal to release. I still believe that
    it should be legal to utilize the term "fair use" when using the odds and evens from
    other tracks, as long as it does not include more than a "comment" (one or two minor
    meshes / textures).
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  12. If you need some low-poly prop cars, you can use any of my traffic ones (they're all Fords though, like the Crown Vic - these ones had a target of 250 polies, the police vic was 1500)
    '61 F100, '79 F250 (lowrider), '82 Bronco (lifted), '88 Crown Vic,

    '92 F600 ~30ft. box, '88 Escort, '78 Pinto.

    '94 E350 van & minibus. They all have 6-7 different colour textures except the E350 bus which comes in white green or blue. Tastefulness of options varies.
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  13. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    San Fran in MM? :)
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  14. MM2 was amazing, I used to drive around for hours in London.

    Still got it installed here actually, it's amazing going back and seeing how it looks... not so great, but oh so good to actually play :D

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  15. I can't even get it to go into 1920x1080 mode, but it looks ok in 720p. The traffic was pretty terrible though, which is how come I made the mod (Crown Victoria also replaces the original Mustang police). Still has a few glitches, but I haven't played MM2 seriously in many years.

    edit: Trying to be subtle and not derail, I uploaded the MM2 versions of the things I screenshotted plus a couple other vehicles.
  16. Thanks Stereo, they look nice and would be a great addition :D
    Credit will of course be given. PM me a dl URL?
  17. [​IMG]

    Getting closer.. it's been a while since I released a track :)
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  18. Great! I must try it!