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Skins Maserati TIPO Alfieri F1 1.0

Maserati TIPO Alfieri F1 y9the

  1. Last edited: Mar 9, 2014
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  2. Very nice, thanks for the hard work!!
  3. i can't see the images clearly. could you put a bigger pics or should i make a render for you?
    btw nice work :thumbsup:
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  4. It looks nice, if only these cars and liveries worked with the 2014 season mod. Also, might be worth telling us what car it replaces
  5. It's quite clear from seeing the steering wheel. It's lotus.
  6. quite clear already from seeing the nose ;)
  7. I only had a look at the first picture because I wrote that post from mobile and it only loaded the first picture for me to see.
  8. Now you
    Yes, now you have said that, I can see it is a Lotus, but would still be nice to have it written on the post. Some players are casual and don't really look into the details on the car. I am not a casual player and really enjoy my F1 but please dont assume everyone has the same amount of knowledge as you do.
    I am sure you meant well and thanks for the response.