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Marshalls policy about "off tracks"

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Ignacio Hernandez-Ros, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    As you know, ART (Authentic Racers Team) is new to this series and we are taking this very seriously. This is the reason I would like to ask you if the marshalls normally control "off tracks" or if they are allowed at all. To be honest, I would like the marshalls controlling off tracks and imposing drive throughts in case of continuous time gains because of that, but I also recognize it is very difficult for marshalls to control so maybe they simply allow off tracks... What shall we do?

    1. Respect all track limits and try to avoid off tracks because they are prosecuted and penalized
    2. Don't worry about them and try to run as fast as possible because in extreme cases of "off tracks" iRacing automatically imposses a time penalty

    Thank you for your responses
  2. Hmm... there is no reply so far... Am I posting in the wrong forum?
  3. I think such questions you should ask on team managers forum. Regards
  4. yep. basically the rd rules apply, stay within the white lines. if live marshalls find out that people use cuts again and again and to their advantage, a drive through or worse will be handed out during the race. usually its an opposing team which makes marshalls aware of the repeat cuts, either during or after race. works well.
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  5. Yeah, it will work how Eckhart exposed. If you are protested by other team to the Race Marshalls because you are constantly going wide in order of go faster, and the marshalls find it is accurate, the driver will get a penalty.
  6. So not iRacing's off-tracks per say, but proper two wheels within the white line stuff, good.

    Can we fully use the kerbs (when possible) or do we still have to keep two wheels in ?
  7. if i remember correctly, rd talks about 4 wheels within white lines, but bram will know that for sure ....
  8. Don't you mean two wheels ? Four would be idiotic :p

    Anyway, knowing the rule regarding kerb usage would be nice :)
  9. You can use all kerbs as long it doesn┬┤t mean an unfair advantage. Marshalls will advert the teams prior to the events regarding that confilctive points.
  10. Bram

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  11. thx, worked nicely :)