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Marks Cockpit Cams V3

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by blanes, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Marks Cams v3 - All Teams

    Higher and Back more from Steering Wheel Compared to Default.
    * closer & lower than Marks Cams V1 or V2)*
    Only Cam modified is the Cockpit cam. Shake effect has been reduced.

    Backup of original cam is included so you may safely overwrite existing default cams & restore them later.

    Thanks & feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers Mark Blanes :)



    ***NOTE ***
    The cam files are tables that the Ego graphics engine uses to render the car cockpits & these modified files are 100% my own work using only the Default Cams as reference. I have not copied or used any other Cam modders files.
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  2. Like :D
  3. mydriaz


    Even with screenshots I can't really see difference... But your 2 first packs were great so V3 cam pack should be even better ;).
    I'll give you feedback asap.
    Thanks for your work.
    Just a question : do you know if cams has changed with last game updates ?
  4. gracias
  5. Nice. I still prefer v2 for my Red Bull, as it positions the mirrors nicely over the wheels so the view is unobstructed.

    Hoping there will be a v2 + HUD version? If not can you tell me what to change in the cameras file?
  6. @ mydriaz - In v3 I have dropped the camera height and moved the cam closer as compared to my v2 as a few people previously requested this from me. As for patches, they do not usually touch camera files and the latest ones have not either.

    @ Flouncy - Yes mate I will finish v2 and add a HUD version for you... at the moment it may take some more days as I go back to work today and I work 10 hour shifts - sorry :(

    I would also like to re-state that these camera modifications have been worked entirely using only the default camera file provided by Codemasters. I modified the Y axis ( camera height ) and Z axis ( seat depth forward and back ) as well as parameters for wind and bump that affect head movement, because the default shaking/vibration caused me dizziness & nausea after some time racing.

    I have NOT used any other mod cams available to copy or even for reference, they are positioned according to MY preference and if others like to use them then that is great, if not fine as well.

    I do not claim any special status or fame for modifying these textual/numeric files and anyone with a moderate level of knowledge can do exactly the same with a few editors freely available.

    It can be time consuming but it is fun & free and anyone who claims otherwise is bedazzled by the reflection in their own mirror ! :roflmao: ( the Aussie saying is too crude to print here ) ;)

    Thanks, Mark Blanes :)
  7. You are the man! Cheers blanes.
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  8. Hey mate, thanks for coming up with some nice cams here.

    I appreciate the chance to have some choice in the cams and really look forward to a Tcam that you speak of above.

    Thanks for your time and effort into these.

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  9. No worries Michael, thanks for the support.:)

    ... Oh Gosh ! Did I say out loud what sort of Tcam I plan to do next ??? :confused:

    Oh Nooooo..... Good Grief :sick: ...

    someone might "steal" my idea & make it first & then I am doomed !!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Oh well, Life might still go on :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::D:D:D
  10. Amazing work, blanes. I really enjoy your cams, and i belive that you made them yourself!
    Don´t give up doing what you think is right and ignore what others might say, because in the end, what matters is the people that liked your work and use it to have a better driving experience.
    As for myself i´m finishing what will be a great TV-style camera mod. It will be a surprise for all and something never done before.
    Thank you, and keep up your brilliant work!

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  11. Sounds awesome Iceman ! :thumbsup: Look forward to trying them out.

    Thanks for the support :)
    time is my enemy at the moment as I cannot find enough of it :alien:
  12. any chance of a version with HUD? would be ultimate.
  13. Sorry for being a n00b, but how do i install this, just drag & replace?? Thanks in advance
  14. Yep, that's all there is to it. Keep a backup of the original files just in case you ever want to go back.
  15. Thank you blanes.
  16. someone please do normal TV -cameras
  17. Really Iceman, you continued your work with the TV style camera mod you began ?? I would be so happy to see them again, I was sad to see your old topic closed... I just hope it will be similar cams ;))

    Can't wait for the release then!

    On topic your cams are really nice blanes, keep it up!
  18. cheers :)
  19. This is easily my favorite cockpit mod but I would REALLY appreciate being able to use the HUD with it... Can someone tell me how to switch this on or can Mark add this in a new version? Thanks very much.
  20. Thanks:geek: