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Marks Cockpit Cams v1.0

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by blanes, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Marks Cams

    Only Cam modified is the Cockpit cam. It is higher and further back than default cockpit cam.

    For me default is too close but I also like to see abit more of the road ahead. This is maybe not so realistic but for me ( and maybe others too ) it is more fun !

    Shake effect has been reduced about 60 % as it made for me dizzy & feeling sick !

    Backup of original cam is included so simply overwrite existing default cams if you like. But also for extra caution you should back up completely the F1 2012/cars folder.

    Leave feedback if you like !


    ps. Modmates cams are very good and this view is only one view but is different so please try it out :)

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  2. This is a much better cockpit view. Thank you!
  3. Thanks, I am happy with most cams but am now going through them all again and tweaking them as some are not consistent with the right depth back from wheel together with height to be able to see more of the road, but not too much.

    Example is Mercedes cam which is too close and low so have tweaked and will work on some of the other cockpits tomorrow to try get a more uniform view across all teams.

    I have dialled the vibration right back in McLaren view but some others have a little more vibration/shaking. I like McLaren best but some people maybe like a bit more shake ?
  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    It'd definitely help if you'd post screenshots for everyone to see what's included. :)
  5. mydriaz


    Yes please, any screenshot ?
    Thank you :)
  6. I tried your Camera...Just too High
    Sorry needs some tweaking
  7. Can we have some screenshots? I have problem spotting apex sometimes, especially in wet!
  8. nice view, do you think it'd possible to add kers-drs hud?
  9. @ Dalhil sorry but I dont intend adding the hud at this time as other cam packs include that. However once I get time and finish tweaking the current files I may possibly make another separate pack and include the DRS/KERS Hud... getting time is difficult for me at the moment :(

    My intent was only to have the pure cockpit view but with added visibility and negate the cramped feeling of the default cockpit.

    @MARSALA, that's ok thanks for trying and the height is for track viewing not realism but my next version will have the height lowered slightly... maybe not low enough for some though.

    @ Tom, Midriaz & Pashalis I will get some screenshots up hopefully soon as I am working 10 hour shifts at the moment and using any spare time to tweak the cockpits and race abit. And Pash that is the reason I wanted this view because of not seeing enough road and missing apexes !

    Really love this so far and definately huge improve over '10 & '11 imho :)