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Marco Simoncelli 1987 - 2011

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Bradley Vanian, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Marco Simoncelli is in a critical condition after being involved in a horrifying crash with Colin Edwards at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

    Marco went wide due to understeer and when coming back onto the racing line, the bike kept turning right instead of leaning back up and going straight. He then got hit by Colin Edwards who had nowhere to go. It appeared that Marco was hit in the back and head by Colin's bike. Marco was motionless and Colin was clutching his right shoulder.

    The race was immediately red flagged and about 40 minutes later, the race was cancelled.

    I wish you all the best Marco. My favourite Moto GP Rider.
  2. No more news on his condition but I have found out that he actually lost control of the bike but instead of going forward into the gravel, the bike kept turnight right as the Handle Bar must of been skewed right.
  3. He's been pronounced dead :( What a ****in' nightmare this week has been...
  4. Where are you getting this information ?
  5. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

    Confirmed by the commentators.. RIP Marco.
  6. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    R.I.P Marco Simoncelli. Another loss in the Motorsports community. What a week. :(
  7. Worst week in motorsport since 1994. Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. 2 of my favourite drivers. R.I.P
  8. I have seen the official announcement on Italia 1...
  9. His helmet was knocked off in the crash so he must of been hit heavily by Colin's bike in the head.
  10. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff


    Damn two deaths in a week :(
  11. He seemed to loose the front but then its regained traction and steered him straight into the path of Edwards and Rossi. They had nowhere to go. Didn't notice him when i was watching it but saw the helmet. Definitely knew that wasn't a good sign

    Tragic loss of a future champion.

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and the other competitors.
  12. Very sad day and week for motorsport. It's not good to see 2 in one week. R.I.P
  13. It's not good to see 1 fatal accident. Let alone 2.
  14. First Dan, now Marco... come on, this can't be happening :( R.I.P. Marco Simoncelli
  15. R.I.P. Never been a huge fan of bikes, but this is really terrible.
  16. AxA


    Marco Simoncelli ' dead RIP Ciao great SIC.

    Ciao grande sic
  17. R.I.P Marco. This is a sad time for motorsport in general as now we have lost 2 of motorsport's biggest stars in the last week. I am in deep, deep shock, I and I'm sure many people are still getting over Dan Wheldon's Death.
  18. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    I think Colin Edwards hit Simoncellis upper body, while Rossi struck his helmet.

    Anyway, I read after the death of Rick Huseman earlier this week, that these things always come in threes - and it sadly did.

    May he rest in peace.
  19. Devastated
    watched Marco rise up through the 125cc and 250cc catergorys. Similar crash to Tomizawa's last year, Seeing his helmet rolling along the floor was sicking and an instant give away that this would only end up as bad news.

    Cannot believe it, Been a very bad week for motorsport indeed.

    Race in peace Supersic, Thoughts to his family and friends