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March is back!

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by John Bergqvist, May 30, 2009.

  1. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yay more team more teams!!
  2. 16 total now, including the current teams. its gonna be sweet!!!!
  3. The problem is that only 13 teams can enter F1 because of the maximum 26 cars limit on the grid. So only 3 of the new teams can enter.
  4. yeh, so should be definatly a full grid then unless they bring back pre-qualifying. we'll be going back to the days of the late 80s/early 90s where you had a lot of smaller/sponsor-named teams.
  5. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    Excellent news Lola, Prodrive USFG and March, who needs Ferrari:wink2: Like John says we might have to go back to pre-qualifying, ah those where the days, Ferrari and Maclaren must be worried they wont qualify:rotfl:
  6. Hmm... How about this...

    16 teams

    Expand the current system to 4 sessions

    Q1: All 32 drivers take part, bottom 6 don't race
    Q2: 26 drivers take part, bottom 6 end up 21st-26th
    Q3: 20 drivers take part, bottom 6 end up 15th-20th
    Q4: 14 drivers take part in a shootout for 1st-14th

    At tracks such as Monaco, where there is a space limit that limits the number of cars, the bottom (however many) constructors won't get to race

  7. Not a bad idea.
  8. and Brabham is back, though in name only. Bavarian guy who does auto parts bought the remnants of Super Aguri and the name "Brabham" and has signed up for 2010. This is getting very interesting, though maybe not very classy :)
  9. 14 cars in the last session is imho just too many when there are most probably just few cars that can take the pole. 10 is an absolute maximum, 14 is just way too many.

    I'd personally prefer a mix of two types of systems. First start with the knockouts and in one session trim the group to top 10. Everyone outside 10 starts from that position. Then have the top 10 do one timed lap in true single lap shootout style to get the final quali order.

    Or keep the current system with the tweaks above but change the last session into proper qualifying session. At the moment the last session is just plain stupid. The cars just drive around burning fuel until they have burned enough at which point they just come in to change tires and do one good lap. It is really an anticlimax to the whole qualifying - after two fun and thrilling sessions it's "10minutes of sleepy stuff" and then the last 5 minutes it's all about watching the times updating on the timing monitor.

    Also get 107% rule back if there will be zillions of teams there. 7% is a bit on the high side as well, something lower would be better. For example, in Monaco the fastest time of the qualifyings was 1.14,514. 107% of that time is 1:19:73. Over 5 secs off the pace! Anything more than 3 seconds is already dangerously big gap in speed, 5 secs is huge. It's almost the difference between gp2 and f1! In fact, if 107% rules were in effect some of the gp2 teams would have been able to race in the f1 race.