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Skins Marcas - Nascar skin pack 1.0

Nascar skins for GSCEx/Marcas

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  1. thks Pat
  2. Thank You.
  3. Hight quality skins. Comgrats.
  4. Thanks, guys. :thumbsup:
    One question: Are these custom skins visible to others on a random server online or will i appear as a placeholder box ?
  5. No, you will create online mismatch if you want to use them
  6. I put the Chevy, Ford and Toyota files into the GSC2013/GameData/Vehicles/ Marcas folder but the cars don't show up in the game. I also had to leave the Mitsubishi_Teams folder in or the game will crash. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the skins.
  7. You have to put the gamedata folder in the root of your game and then overwrite.
  8. Thanks for the reply! I'll try it. I was hoping someone would come out with a Nascar mod with the Malibu, Fusion and Camry for gsce but this is the next best thing.