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Misc Marcas Minor Sound Mod v1.0 1.0

Minor Sound Improvements for Marcas cars in GSCE.

  1. poet submitted a new resource:

    Marcas Minor Sound Mod v1.0 - Minor Sound Improvements for Marcas cars in GSCE.

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  2. hex


    Original Reiza sounds are more real-life, but I like your sounds and gonna keep 'em, so thank you :)
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  3. Thanks. Glad you like. :)

    Yeah, just a personal tastes mod, I race these cars a lot and just wanted some more low end grunt to the sound (realistic or not).
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  4. tpw


    Awesome job poet. I love driving the Marcas (the only car I'm remotely competitive in...) but it does sound somewhat like a blowfly in a bottle. Reiza realistically captured the sound of that blowfly but I much prefer your sounds. Thanks very much.
  5. Thanks so lot , very great sounds better stock !
  6. Downloaded and installed. Thanks for this sound. Marcas deserve it.