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Mapping Wheel Buttons/Controls

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Pete Mull, May 1, 2011.

  1. Is there anyway I can map the wheel buttons to act as keyboard strokes to save me having to work with both when I'm rallying?

    The options screen only allows thinks like throttle, Clutch etc but not keyboard strokes like Enter, up arrow, down arrow etc.

  2. Unfortunately, I believe the answer is no. In game you need the keyboard to move through the menus, and with RSRBR to use the CamHack and Dll programs etc. It is a pain but.....................

    If I'm wrong I would GLADLY hear from others is it would be easier if we could remap them.

    I am working on making a switch panel right now that will take the place of the keyboard while I'm in RBR but I need either someone that can re-program a keyboard for me or I have to find a "mechanical" keyboard to run wires from to toggle switches and buttons on a panel mounted in my rig.

    'f anyone can come up with a better system I'd love to hear them as i am struggling.
  3. Roy Visser gave me this information - will give it a shot later:

  4. This wee piece of software appears to map buttons ok but I've not yet found out how to get it to map the D Pad on my Fanatec GT2 Wheel just yet.

  5. you need to figure out what button numbers corespond to the D pad to be able to set joytokey, if you try configuring something in Dirt 2 with the D pad it will tell you the button number for up/down/left/right.
  6. If you are using a Logitech wheel, their Profiler works very well for mapping the buttons on the wheel to do various key strokes.
  7. Used to run a G27 until it failed but the Fanatec GT2 is a 'seriously better than' replacement:wink:
  8. :rolleyes:D2 didn't show the button nos - willhave a look at the xml files and see what secrets they hold.

  9. Yeah, just took another look at your post two posts above mine and I now see that you said it was a Fanatec wheel, I are smart, lol. Hope you can get something figured out. And I would agree that the GT2 would be a pretty good upgrade from the G27.