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Mapping mixture control

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Skald, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    Is there any way to map mixture control to steering wheel buttons?
  2. Yes but is hard to play with....I'm using cheap (3 euro PS2 copy) game-pad as D-pad in combination with my MOMO Force. It works nice
  3. Why hard?
    I consider using D-pad rather slow. On my TM F 430 there is a manettino dial and i'd like to map mixture control to it's different positions.
  4. Well i think that you can use it. I don't have experience with trustmaster wheels...So wait for someone who is using it to reply to you :)
  5. Well, no matter it is thrustmaster or not. I wonder if there is a possibility to map turning current mixture state to current button.
  6. hmm you MIGHT be able to map that but you'd have to set up that dial outside of F1 2011 as a macro I think.

    There is no command in game for "fuel mix 1" for example. To select it in game you have to go "open quick menu" "quick menu right" "quick menu down"

    So it's 3 separate commands that have to be pressed. so if there's a way to set up a macro on your wheel so that selecting the "race" setting on your dial performed the function "open quick menu" "quick menu right" "quick menu up" (up for fuel mix 3, rich) then that might work.

    I've got a g27 and I'm using up 4 of my 6 buttons just to have the quick menu on my wheel, it'd be nice if there was a way to toggle the fuel mixture by pressing 1 button but i'll live with this for now.
  7. Hehe, I'd like to use my Mannetino as well, though for tyre selection. Fuel is easy, if you need a quick boost just spam Up on D-Pad. :)
  8. With a Logitech wheel you can easily bind a sequence of key/ button strokes to one button using the profiler software.
    I would expect that Thrustmaster wheels would have a similar method but I dont have one so cant say for sure.
    You read your wheel manual? :D
  9. @ paul lock

    is there any way I could bind "quick menu open" "quick menu up" "quick menu right" to one button press, then on the same button have the next press be "quick menu open" "quick menu up" "quick menu up"

    so as to rotate through fuel mixes on 1 button?

    also I just sort of thought of this, isn't the fuel mixture selected by "open, right, up or right or down" in some game modes but in others it's selected by "open, up, up or right or down"??

    so in 2 different game modes you wouldn't be able to have the same commands working?
  10. I have a G27 and I mapped high and standard fuel mixes to 2 of the 6 wheel buttons (middle and bottom buttons on the right) using the profiler macros. To select lean mix I still use the pad on the H-shifter, as I don't use it very often. The top right button is for rear view.

    On the left I've got DRS and KERS as the top 2 buttons and car status as the bottom one. Works out great for me.
  11. Err, Im not sure it differs between game modes does it? To access fuel, I always blindly push -

    1. Up (opens menu)
    2. Up (selects fuel)
    3. Up (selects rich)

    1. Up (opens menu)
    2. Up (selects fuel)
    3. Right (selects standard)

    1. Up (opens menu)
    2. Up (selects fuel)
    3. Down (selects lean)

    So, you would create 3 macros in your Profiler for 3 buttons to perform the 3 different keystrokes.
    Last I checked, for each macro you can even define a time / delay between the keystrokes.

    To answer your question, I dont know if you can have alternate macros assigned to one button - but maybe there is a way of cycling through a list of macros, 1 push = UUU, 2 push = UUR - but I will have to take a look at this when I get home.
  12. For some reason i feel like in races where tire sim is off and there are no pit stops, like sprints or 10% races then the fuel menu is opened by pressing right instead of up.

    but I may be incorrect, I'll look into this while I'm trying out your Look to apex settings
  13. Maybe my mind tells me wrong, but doesn't the menu open up regardless which direction you press first?
  14. yes it does...but sometimes you only get one option when it's open, either tires or fuel mix.

    I am pretty sure I was incorrect though, I think fuel is always up.
  15. Yeah any direction on the pad opens the menu, some game modes you only have tyres on offer.
    I just find up has become my button of choice ;)
  16. It turns out there is indeed a "cycle command" assignment in the logitech profiler, so I'm going to test it out.
  17. Nice one, I'm just home fom work and have to washup some dishes and stuff, so I expect step by step instructions in that time cheers John :D :D
  18. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    EDIT: Oh ...... 2 more posts whilst I was writing this - yes, the cycling command works the best, at the expense of convenience ....

    I have done this with limited success in both F1 2010 and now 2011.

    There seem to be something about this game, that doesn't particularly like input via the Logitech Profile Macros. It's slightly better this year, but there is just some buttons that the game just doesn't know exists, at least on my Logitech DFGT wheel. 2 buttons come to mind, the centre 'horn' button and 1 of the gear stick positions.

    The gear stick is just a kind of self-centering toggle switch. You can click it forward or back, the game recognises the forward switch but not the back. So you can only map one of those switches. In my case I have set it to bring up the pause menu (ESC), by just tapping it forward, great for TT re-starts.

    The DPAD is a different kettle of fish, you can use it in macros, but it does not always give consistent results in game. When it doesn't do what you want it to do (the macro), you end up using the DPAD anyway. I have a nasty habit of drifting off track when using the DPAD :(

    Anyway, the game doesn't really like having a stream of DPAD commands sent to it from an external macro. Especially when it involves multiple DPAD commands. For instance, my wheel has a red rotating ring around a central button. Turning the ring one way is one 'button' and turning it the other way is another 'button', plus it has the central button in the middle. Ideal for fuel eh? Clockwise for rich, anti-clockwise for lean, and the centre button for Standard Mix 2

    Easier said than done! I have programmed each button in the profiler. CW on ring = DPAD up, up, up, CCW = DPAD up, up, down, Centre button = DPAD up, up, right. The game just doesn't want to know about this, the menu pops-up in game and more or less does random selections. So i tried introducing delays into the macro. DPAD Up, delay 0.5s, Up, delay 0.5s, up. for example This is a bit like you would use the dpad in game, there is always a bit of delay between presses, as you check the correct menu is showing. However again, this just did not work very well, if at all.

    The final way, which works best is a little inconvenient, and still has no absolute guarantees, is using the 'cycling command' in the Profiler.

    It inconvenient, because a 'cycling' command sends a new command to the game after EACH button press. So in previous attempts, click one button, it sends 3 commands in a string to the game, and it didn't like it much, even with delays between commands.

    With the 'cycling' command you have to press the button 3 times, each press sending a new command. So using the ring and the button above as and example. Turn the ring 3 clicks right for Rich, 3 clicks left for Lean, press the centre button 3 times for Mix 2.

    So even though I uses this cycling method in the game now, I am more often just using the DPAD as intended, as it's easier to reach, and the menu works better in F1 2011 in my opinion.

    If you want to use the cycling method. You have to programs 4 separate commands, one for each DPAD position. So I have called one new command DPAD UP, then another DPAD Down ... etc.

    With those 4 new commands, I now create a new Cycling Command (built using those 4 commands) on one of the buttons. So the button that is 'red ring clockwise' (let's say it''s button 25), now has the cycling command DPAD Up, DPAD up, DPAD Up, so each click of the ring clockwise sends a DPAD Up command.

    Sounds confusing I know, but it is the best method I have found so far ......

    BTW, in the above picture, the 2 buttons above the horn in the middle (usually used for look left/right), and the large round PLUS/MINUS buttons to the left of the red ring, I have re-programmed with a macro. I use TrackIR, so don't need look left/right. So top left button is OPTIONS, top right is PRIMES, the (plus) + button is WETS, and the (minus) - button is INTERS. Again I probably won't use them much, as you can easily use the DPAD when entering the pits ..... The Horn switches Fraps/PlayClaw on and off.
  19. I use my G150 keyboard and assign macros for the "G" keys. G1, G2, and G3 handle my fuel mixture. G7-G10 support my tire selection.
  20. I currently not able to get this to work in game, currently I have "button 23" assigned to "fuel mix cycle" in the logitech profiler.

    Button 23 is the bottom right button on the g27 steering wheel
    Fuel Mix Cycle is a cycle command I named myself

    "Fuel mix cycle" is a cycling command made up of 3 individual commands, I have named these myself.

    Command 1: "Fuel Mix 1 lean"
    1. POV0 W click
    2. POV0 N click
    3. POV0 S click

    Command 2: "Fuel Mix 2 Standard"
    1. POV0 W click
    2. POV0 N click
    3. POV0 E click

    Command 3: "Fuel Mix 3 rich"
    1. POV0 W click
    2. POV0 N click
    3. POV0 N click

    Theoretically this should be all I need to get it to cycle through fuel mixes with a click of one button, but it isn't working in game as I said. I'll play with it some more

    EDIT: I'm just going to add updates into this post.

    In the profiler I changed "button 23" from "fuel mix cycle" to "Fuel Mix 3 rich" and had unexpected results:

    I found that when i clicked once, it corresponded to one of the 3 button presses in the command. this is what happened.

    1st click of "button 23" told the game "POV0 W" and opened my quick menu
    2nd click of "button 23" told the game "POV0 N" and opened my fuel menu
    3rd click of "button 23" told the game "POV0 N" and selected the rich fuel setting

    EDIT 2:
    I just edited the "Fuel Mix 1 lean" command and re-recorded it, this time enabling the "Record Pauses" check box under the Options button. it records it as you press the buttons, for me it looked like this:

    POV0 E click
    Pause 0.3 sec
    POV0 N click
    Pause 0.3 sec
    POV0 S click

    You'll notice that I changed the command from "POV0 W click" to "POV0 E click" but I doubt this has anything to do with any results.

    I went in game and tested it out and it worked, One press of "Button 23" (bottom right on wheel) performed the actions to select the lean fuel setting.

    Out of curiosity I pressed it again and the menu just stayed up for 5 or so seconds...a while anyway. It seems if you select the fuel setting that was already selected, a button press is discarded.

    I'm now going to record the remaining 2 fuel mix commands with pauses and then try to get the cycle command to work on top of that.

    EDIT 3: I recorded the remaining 2 fuel mix commands and assigned them to 2 more buttons on my wheel.

    I ran into some weird problems though, sounds very similar to some of the stuff Gnu UK was talking about.

    I hit the button I had reassigned as "fuel mix 1 lean" and it went through the menu and changed to the lean setting in game.
    I hit the button I had reassigned as "fuel mix 2 standard" and it opened the quick menu>fuel menu but selected lean again.
    I hit the button I had reassigned as "fuel mix 2 standard" while this menu was still up, it selected standard (I think i got lucky)
    I hit the button I had reassigned as "fuel mix 3 rich" and it opened the quick menu>fuel menu this time selecting standard again
    I hit the button I had reassigned as "fuel mix 3 rich" while the last menu was still up and it opened my tire menu and selected option tires.

    Odd indeed. I don't know if it may have something to do with the length of the pauses, in the lean command they were both .3 second pauses, in the other 2 it was .3 and .2 or the other way around.

    I feel like since Gnu was having similar unpredictable menu behavior and he was using .5 second pauses, that the solution is somewhat more complicated.

    EDIT 4: Just for giggles I tried to redo the "fuel mix cycle" by adding the newely edited fuel mix 1,2,3 into it.

    It didn't really work, it just kept selecting standard for some reason. It appears as Gnu has indeed said, that either the profiler or the game don't like to perform Dpad macros.

    I've got a 100% race in a minute so I'll just go back to what I was used to for now, but after that I'll mess around with the action map and try using different buttons and see if I can get something to work. I'll keep you all updated.