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map size

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by j0000p, May 21, 2013.

  1. I'm currently working on an open-world landscape, which features three cities Stuttgart, Milan, and Dubai, and the three are interconnected by Autobahnen. while the polycount is not an issue since the number is below 1 million, I'm a bit worry about the permitted map size. does anyone know of any leak the max size of the map that the AC permitted
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  2. 16x16km is the limit. It is not a hard limit but the physics precision drops significantly outside, so it is most probably unplayable there. There is no limit for graphical models, they can theoretically be unlimited, although you should consider moving the near plane forward if the models are really huge and precise.
  3. hm..I was expecting more than that, but then, yea, it's the physics thing. I should be very grateful anyway since cryengine 3 permits far below than that

    edit: it's 1 million vertices, and it's counting up :)
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    On a 16x16 map you can build a pretty cool free driving road. Really curious how this unfolds as I would love to have a racing sim where you can actually drive on open roads with the production car models

    Test Drive Corsa so to speak :inlove:
  5. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller
    Premium Member

    I would really like to model my journey to work. There is several possible roads that all lead to the same place it would be really cool to have a point to point race. also if you could have extras driving the roads normally so you cant just attack single track lanes with blind corners as if nothing is coming the other way. Unfortunatly I have no idea where to start or how to do any kind of map modelling. Ah well it would have been awesome.
  6. I would love to drive on it man ... specially if you make some mountain roads crossing the alpes;)
  7. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller
    Premium Member

  8. GTA San Andreas is 6x6km. And it looked REALLY BIG!!! So, you can make great tracks on 16x16 =)
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  9. i hear you guys, but until the game is released, I cant really promise anything since im sure there are many things to learn first, trials and errors things like that. for now, the map size is a good starting point in giving me a perspective of what the overall landscape should look like

    Bram, you call it test drive corsa, I call it underground 3

    Samuel, if I get you correctly its not so difficult to model variable roads but having a point to point race is matter of gameplay, we cant tell anything until ac is released

    Jorge, between Italy and Germany is Alpen, so obviously yea
  10. Stelvio pass ftw.