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Map conversion from gta?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by asasinuxp, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. It is posible to convert map from gta 3,vice city or san andreas(gta 4 I don't think it work)?I found a gta 3 map conversion(liberty city from tracciontrasera.es) but is very small.It is posible to make a bigger map(I know it will take more load, but I don't care)?And I hope to be legal, immoral sure is.
  2. It is possible to convert from GTA, like you said you found the GTA3 map, that I actually converted many years ago.
    But is it practical to convert a big map? I don't think so... you see, big maps, such as the GTA maps, have quite a lot of textures and models - a lot of data. Racer loads all of the data into memory when loading a track, while GTA streams data dynamically during run time.
    So, with big tracks that have loads of textures and models, the fps in Racer will probably drop a lot and the game might become unplayable at all.
  3. So it's not a very good idea.Now another idea: how I can create a map with free soft?
  4. You have bob's track builder, that now supports Racer. It's a very easy way to create tracks, really good ones if you explore the program at it's best ;)

    EDIT: sorry, you mean free software... Bob's is 59$ I think!

    Free you have Zmodeler1.07 that's a basic modeler, good for beginers! ;)
  5. Lots of free 3D apps.. GMAX, Albatross3D, DeleD, trueSpace, Blender, 4DBlue, Wings3D.. to name some of them. Just do a google search.. But, when it comes to learning to use the software, that is a different issue. I prefer Zmodeler and GMAX though..
  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    yup...me too..but never got it how to.....^^
  7. Blender is my favorite and I think my track making tutorial is in the download section, all free!
  8. Thanks boomer541 for the tutorial!
  9. btw, why not converting maps from World racing 2? There is a lot of amazing things!!
  10. Because I want to make a city track.Using that tutorial I will create a mini city track based on my city(Braila,Romania), then I will create a city track based on Bucharest.I want to make a virtual city based on real city.
  11. For example?
  12. Italy, CT autobahn, Autobahn...etc
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot. Autobahn and Polish Roads were really fun with traffic while going over 300km\h. Too bad that the physics are so bad and the graphics are also getting old. But people are still making awesome cars for WR2.
  14. you can forget that, because the tracks are not reversible, the tracks are locked, one way street as it were, i know this because i'm a track maker modder etc