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Manual Gears

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Kris Cabrera, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. I see alot of people on this forum dont use manual gear. Currently all my races are manual gears. I was wondering if maybe i could race one of you guys and see how much of a difference it is from automatic, and if i need to hone my skills a bit. It seems to be second nature to me using manual gears. ( not that am a skilled driver ) but every sim game i play is manual. and i get the feeling that switching from automatic to manual could be scary.

    I would like to get opinions on using manual gears from you guys.
  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    what platform you on?
  3. PS3
  4. damn man i would play but im on the 360 sorry but tell me this how did you get the hang of gear changes as i am really dying to know the finer points of it on this game its the only thing i cant get the hang of it i always play manual gears on every other racing game but this one eludes me

    it just feels to quick trying to change gears and i dont seem to be fast enough to react to it i probably could do a race if i concentrated really hard on it but i always get distracted and mess up any tips would be great
  5. hello, my name is ramiro and i am from argentina, btw this is my first post. when playing with the psx controller in pc i always drove auto, but when i bought the wheel, manual gearing seemed so natural, the only race i had to drive auto was yas marina, i was getting on my nerves trying to beat webber in the championships and i couldn't let any mistake in that race.
  6. welcome to the site ramiro if i had a wheel i have a feeling i would be able to use manual gears much better its just using a controller and having to fiddle with the buttons its annoying
  7. well the trick that i use that seems to work is i usually go practice on the track for about 2 or 3 practice runs, and i i figure out with gear is the best for ever sector, and turn, so then i know what gears need to be used on what turn. (memory plays a big role) then what i do is i remember what gear i am in as i approach the curve, i always glance at what gear am in so i know how much to go down as i approach the turn, so say i am in a str8 on 7th gear, i know already that the turn coming up feels good in 4 gear, so i know i have to go down three gears so i count down 7 6 5 4 and adjust myself to the turn. Really u have to memorize what gears in what turns, so good practice will get you there. I use PS3 controller till i find a good setup for my wheel. And the braking is practice on top of memorizing the gears for turns. U just have to be able to to three things at once. GBG (Gear,Brake,Gas) If you wanna start manuals i suggest study your track more and memorize your gear, always try to count down your gears instead of looking at what gear you are because you never wanna take your eyes off the track.

    Hope that helped
  8. Never been able to do manual gears, I'm fine shifting up, but when it comes to shifting down it all falls to pieces, I do practice every now and then, but I prefer to work on getting my accelerating and braking right. Still getting used to my wheel and pedals, I am getting there though, so will be keen to give manual shifting a good go when able.
  9. yea i would say you gas and braking would be something to hit first then manual gears, but then again it all changes when you go to manual gears, so its a gamble
  10. manual...
  11. I used to have a seat/steering wheel playing F12006 on the ols Ps2 and always used manual gears, something "organic" about having paddles behind the wheel to use. Now using controller on 360 and have to admit finding it way too rough to downshift using front buttons - anyway far too busy trying to make sure I get my breaking points right using the track-side!
  12. Hello my name Chadi and Iam from Syria I always use auto gear cuz I feel so scare to try the manual
    So is there any kind of steps to teach me how to use manual gear
    Thank You for this wonderful site
  13. Never tried a wheel, but I'm sure you're right, its probably much more natural with paddles than using a controller button.
  14. I can make around have a Second in Time-Trial, aggressive downshifting allows you to brake a little later, and auto sometimes doesn't hit the right gear.
    In Race and Career i use auto because there's just to much to pay attention to ;)
    I'm playing with a Rumblepad, manual shift in races is just too stressy :)
  15. does aggressive downshifting help decelleration? using the engine as a brake..?
  16. It sure does, i brake later on turns than usual you just have to get the right timming
  17. yes
  18. Depends on the controller.

    The Playstation style controllers are so buttery easy with gear changes. But the horrible, ugly, giant, ugly, horrible suxbox controllers, arent.
  19. i beg to differ there the ps3 controllers are s**t really everything about the PS3 is S**T the price the gameplay the controllers sony are a rip off they overcharge for an overrated console that looks like a mules behind just had to air that out there PS3 sucks :)
  20. Really? Cause I can downshift mate, and your a bit too scared to try.