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Manual Gears Help.....

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by harsharip, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Iam new to manual gears .Iam in my 3rd season with Force India.

    Now recently Iam using manual gears and practicing the tracks downshifts.

    How to get best downshift I have the tendency to shift untill Neutral or Reverse .???

    My race pace is not good I use rich fuel in one single strech is it correct?????

    Will rich fuel destroies Tyres????

    If I try to bang the car every lap will I loose performance in long runs????
  2. Practice, practice, practice. One you do around 10 to 15 laps in practice, you won't even have to look down to see what gear your in, it just becomes natural. I know I need to go down four gears for this corner, three for that and you just start doing it without looking.

    The rest I don't know. I would imagine rich would damage the tyres more because you are putting more power down and risk spinning up the wheels, and lean would be the kindest. Driving style has more input on tear life than engine settings though.
  3. How t oimprove tyre life If I give slow on pedel the AI is faster.
    Iam in a medicore car.
    How can I get into top teams and what level is need for that???
  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Start counting. You know that you'll be in 7th gear by the end of the start / finish straight (well, you should be) and if the first corner has to be taken in 2nd gear you need to start counting - my wheel makes a click sound when I shift, so it's best to count the click sounds or whatever applies to your wheel.

    7th to 2nd -> 5 clicks. Next straight - count how many clicks you have done (upshifts) -> 4 clicks. So you're in 6th gear. Now down to 3rd -> 3 clicks.

    Nope, you need to adapt the mix. It doesn't help to run rich mix if your tyres are worn out.

    It will lead to more wheel spin, so yes.

    Yes, that's only natural.
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  5. Practice to be smooth, both with the steering and the pedals.
    The smoother you are, the longer your tires will last.
    With practice you'll soon see that your lap times will become much faster and more consistent.

    Also ...
    I'd suggest you lower the difficulty level to something you can cope with easily.
    It doesn't help much if the AI's pace is much faster than yours. You'll endlessly chase them down without succes and without learning very much.

    My advice is to choose the level which is closest to your own pace at the moment.
    And try concentrate only on your technique and keeping everything clean and consistent.
    As you get better you can always increase the difficulty and go from there.

    For a "team upgrade" you need to do about half a season in career mode. After Hockenheim you'll probably get a contract offer from Sauber and later on you'll be asked to choose a championship rival.
    If you beat him till the end of the season you'll get his seat in the following one.
  6. In some races Tyre Wear is not a problem but my last race was valencia I has no tyres left for 9 laps and my teamate was 4 sec faster even HTRs had better pace and I didnt understand suspention setup Some say 11-11 is best but in high speed corners I had to lift off and wait for traction for long long time

    What is best suspention setup for Low Speed and high speed corners.
  7. What difficulty level do you play on?
    Legend, professional, Intermediate, .... ?
    Which one
  8. I play in Pro Difficulty.
  9. The suspension itself doesn't affect so much your understeer problem.
    At 11-11 the suspension has maximum stiffness, making the car very responsive in the corners.
    With such a stiff suspension you're more prone to oversteer, not understeer.

    The problem you have is elsewhere - the car lacks balance.
    You might want to increase the front wing angle and stiffen the rear anti-roll bar (optionally you can also soften the front ARB).
    These two are the most effective settings to cure understeer.

    Camber and toe can also help.
    More negative camber can improve the grip in corners by quite a bit and in F1 2012 it seems to help just about any car.
    Toe is helpful if you want even more response from the car. But with a maxxed out suspension I think it's a bit redundant and possibly harmful, creating too much instability in high speed sections (weaving on straights and twitchy-ness when turning in).
  10. For silverstone what is the optimal setup for race PLZ give me every thing

    My lap time was 1:36:xxx in quali.

    And how can I take the OLD TURN 1 every body say take it FaltOUT.But I getting huge understeer .

    My setup

    Aero 2-2; Brake 51=49 ; Balance 1-11 ; Height 1-1 :stifness 4-11; Gears maunal ; Alingment -3.50,-3.50

    Toe max to right.
    What is wrong with setup Quali 18 th TM Diresta -11th 2 sec quiker than me
  11. You definitely need more aero.
    Force India doesn't generate so much downforce, so no surprise its slow and gives huge understeer in high speed corners with 2-2.
    Try something like 6 or 7 for the front wing, if not even higher.

    I, for one, get much better results (in career mode) with relatively high downforce settings, especially front wing.
    Time is much easier lost or gained in corners than on straights.

  12. 4-11 stiffness? O.O Why??? I was doing pretty alright with 6-6 stiffness.

    I wouldn't go for higher wings. I was doing alright with 2-1 wings. So you should be too.

    Just don't try to take the corner with a speed that's higher than what you can drive the corner with. I mean, don't overdrive neither you nor the car. Take it calm. You'll improve in time. Just need to practice. :)