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manual gears help

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Michael Sheedy, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Hi I have recently change my settings and i am now playing wit manual gears. I have been doin so for the last day or so, but my times are way slower then when im in auto. i found wen i played Forza and change from auto to manual gears my times went up by around 2 secs per lap.
    Does manual gears in f1 2010 make ur times any better. Also should i turn abs off, i have been told that ye have better breaks when u do.
    Any help is much apprecited...
  2. You certainly arent gonna be pulling out 2 secs switching to manual gears. In the right hands and with a lot (and I mean a lot!) of practice manual can be faster than auto, however I think its more a case of greater car control with manual gears rather than greater speed, and having better control of the car can equate to marginally faster times.

    Yes get the abs off as soon as possible too, then get around 50 to 100hrs practice time in.

    A downside of manual gears is that you can suffer from running out of fuel a lot more often than you will with auto gears.
  3. Cheers thanks very much. I noticed i have more control over the car alright. Gonna to stick abs off and get some more practice done. i also play wit fuel sim off at the moment so shouldnt be a problem. thanks again for the tips.
    I was wondering to where is the best place to change gear. Is it when the rev counter is just full???
  4. Ive normally changed gear a long time before an auto box does. Vids ive watched of auto's the engine seems to be screaming before changing up, whereas I will normally change when the last light is lit.

    Another advantage of manual is the ability to short-shift (change up early) to control rear wheel spin - especially useful in wet conditions, and when trying to save fuel and tyres. I would recommend getting the fuel and tyre sim on as soon as you can too.

    Maybe you can wait for a while, but if you are learning to handle the car with manual gears, no abs and no TC, you may as well throw the fuel and tyre sim on too - that way you only need to learn things once and will be competitive if you ever fancy joining in any of the RD races, rather than playing against the AI! (by the way AI isnt subject to tyre or fuel sim regardless of your difficulty level or other settings.
  5. Thanks very much for the tips paul. u have been great help. maybe i will join when i get good enough
  6. Im sure a lot of people have their own thoughts on the subject, but there is one thing im sure we will all agree on.....

    Practice practice practice. And once thats done - more practice :D

    Ive done 500hrs playing this game now and im still a midfield driver. You can become a qualified private pilot in less than 50hrs flying time :p
  7. Personally i find the game a lot more fun now that I've started using cockpit view and manual gears, you feel more immersed. Turning off all assists as well has helped but it does take a bit of getting used to. Manual gears help a lot with the braking. It's not any faster just a lot more realistic.

    As Paul has said it takes a lot of practice.
  8. Never used Auto but Manual in the wet with no TCS is a must imo. Short shifting is a great way of reducing the likelyhood of spinning out under acceleration.
  9. I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone use TCS or ABS; it just ruins the feel of the car and if you get used to the crutch it must be much harder to do without. I'd like to learn to use a manual well but I find it very hard using a pad. I stick everything else on full real though, other than the braking line until I've learned braking points sufficiently to pull off a 50% race.
  10. I dont use ABS but i have to use TCS. just keep spinnin out out wise. any tips?
  11. Yeh.. be lighter on the throttle :) !! Half throttle until in a straight line etc...
  12. ...and as you are using manual gears, short shift to reduce the spinning as mentioned before :D
  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I agree with everything that's been added by people here. I have been running with no assists, manual gears and cockpit view pretty much from the start and the immersion factor is so much greater. It doesn't necessarily make you faster, that's all down to driving technique and practice but it is definitely a help with braking and car control and tyre managment is also more under your control, I actually find I get better life from my tyres with manual gears than people do on auto .

    In one of the Leagues I run in I did actually attempt to go back to auto for one race just to see if it made me any more competitive as pretty much everyone else was using assists. Trouble is I got just a little bored lol I am so used to the extra work \ thought involved in changing gears that it all seemed a bit strange and too much like I wasn't really driving the car. It was also frustrating being forced into gears that I would not necessarily have chosen for a particluar corner \ section and not be able to quick shift when I wanted.
  14. what kinda of camera do ye guys use. i just got a cheap madcats wheel so i am goin to try out cockpit i was using t-cam.
  15. Manual is much better for learning tracks I find and general car control, you start to associate the corners with what gear you need to be in, for some reason that helps me learn tracks much quicker.

    I also use t-cam in cockpit view, it provides the best angles imo. When you feel confident enough I would recommend turning off the racing lines if you haven't already, it makes the game look a lot better and I found that with them on it obscures the track, without them I can see the exits of the corners better and get on the power earlier.

    Oh and another tip with braking, if your turning in release some pressure on the brakes it will give you much move responsive steering, its all about finding the right balance though and that just takes practice.
  16. thanks for the tips lads
  17. hamilton said when hes on ps3 he uses the over head cam. used to use cockpit but switched now i cant go back.

    and always remember practice doesn't make perfect. perfect practice makes perfect.