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Manual gear convert :)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by NoobBlaster, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Greetings all, I'm a new poster to the forum but have been sniffing around & reading posts for sometime.

    I'm still on my first season of F1 2010, as work has kept away from gaming.

    I'm up to Brazil in my first season & I'm leading the championship with Torro Rosso.
    I've always driven with all assist off, but at Korea I decided to stop using AUTO gears.

    I using a DFGT (PS3) wheel on PC & although the paddles(buttons) aren't great & sometimes double click I am glad I have switched to manual.

    After about the first full P1 session at Korea of just getting the hang the additional workload of manual gears I noticed that the time it takes to learn a new track has significantly decreased.
    I can start doing hotlaps after 4-6 laps on a new track & leading the qualifying with PRO AI.
    It took much longer when I was driving with Auto gear assist which I find strange.

    It has also given me a better appreciation when I watch onboard laps.

    Anyone who has a wheel & is still using AUTO gears like I was, all I can say is lose the training wheels & start racing. You won't look back! :)

    It may seem strange that someone called NoobBlaster is posting about turning of Noob Gears LOL but my gaming history of more FPS & MilSim & I'm a REV-HEAD but F1 has strangely always been a passion?

  2. Welcome to the forums, wise words there. Yes there is a steep learning curve when losing any assist, but the rewards are great, and the satisfaction of being in complete control of your car, plus the benefits once mastered make it well worth the hard work.
  3. Welcome to the forums, i was once like you, only thing that kept me back was auto gears, i picked it up within 2 days for most tracks, it's alot faster and more reliable i have to say :D
  4. Thanks for the welcome gents!

    I was meant to say I've never been a REV-head but F1 has always attracted me?

    Now I've just got to wrap my head around doing my own car setups & I'm all set :)
  5. I was also like you, now i would never use auto again. Its nice to have that edge of being able to slow down with not only the brakes :)
  6. Thats interesting that you say that, ive tried to get it going on manual but struggle, i guess ive just got to stick with it.

    Im running the G25 GT5 wheel in a proper seat seatup but struggle with the tiny padddles behind the wheel. Maybe its moddification time.
  7. I'm really surprised that you have that setup, but still use auto. Manual is awesome and much more fun than auto, although that's just my opinion.