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Skins Manor Racing Team 2016 Alternate livery 2016-05-09

MRT 2016 livery

  1. silidus submitted a new resource:

    Manor Racing Team 2016 Alternate livery - MRT 2016 livery

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  2. Looks nice. Congrats
  3. Glad you like it, Thanks :)
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  4. [​IMG] hello , i think this car is real , please your copy design textures because late post design manor MRT05 not real hehhe please create and upload with same file my pictures :) thank's
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  5. I use original MRT body as base model, so it's impossible to make it looks like real one (due to codemastes meshes logarithm) :). Unless someone can swapped teams car model.
  6. looks great. thanks a lot.:cool:
  7. What application do you use to form the color of the car MRT05 style :)
  8. - To open & extract texture files (pssg) => http://www.petartasev.com/modding/
    - Photoshhop cs6 + nvidia plugin to open & edit *.dds file.