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Skins Manor Racing Livery 2016 1.0

Manor Livery 2016

  1. thrashersfreak submitted a new resource:

    Manor Racing Livery 2016 - Manor Livery 2016

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  2. wow fantastic...hahaha just waiting for ferrari SF16H
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  3. Please tell me what program do you use?
  4. I am using Photoshop
  5. How would I install these mods
  6. [Цитата="thrashersfreak, должность: 2213080, член: 126649"]я использую Фотошоп[/Цитата]
    as with 2014 formula?
  7. just put the folder in your F1 2015 directory

    I think so, but you need nvidia plugin for photoshop
  8. I have a card NVIDIA. And the rest of the program. I thought that for the F1 2015 game what other programmes are needed. I'm not as skillful with the left as you. I'll wait for your works. Thanks for the tips.
  9. And I don't know very well English. For this I use the translator. If that is not sorry.
  10. And I don't know very well German. For this I use the translator. If that is not sorry.
  11. can i request you update this version, because manor now have more sponsor...