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Skins Manor-Mercedes AMG Petronas ~Whole Team Package~ 3.0

fantasy team package by arvaimate00

  1. arvaimate00 submitted a new resource:

    Manor-Mercedes AMG Petronas ~WHOLE TEAM PACKAGE~ - new skin + team name change

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  2. Amazing mod once againn.. its pertamina right? would be cool if you can change the pertamina to petronas i guess.. not sure if petronas would supply fuel to 2 teams
  3. Thank you! I think I changed the pertamina logos to petromas, but if I forgot somewhere then I'm gonna fix it:)
  4. oh nah on the screenshot i thought i saw a pertamina logo on the front (nose?) of the car... just under the car number i guess..
  5. Yeah I forgot that I saved some of the original logos of manor just because I don't think all of the sponsors should be the same as in the "A" team ( for example Red Bull and Toro Rosso), but the bigger old sponsors has been changed
  6. Petronas oil and Pertamina fuel :D Seems legit
  7. Getting weird stripes on the car. i did do everything right and double checked everything. What could it be?
  8. On the car? You need to open in the ERP Archiver your marussia.erp and change the paint.tga file and the decal.tga file to this ones in the download and save it, then it should work
  9. I've done that and it still its weird, i don't get it....
  10. alright, I don't really understand it...maybe you should redownload your game from steam and try it once again, if it's still not working write for me
  11. hey arvaimate00 just wondering is there a possibility you can do a n.tga file for the garage crews and racing suits? only trouble im having is that sometimes im getting like shadow effect of old sponsors in the pit and garage crew suits/shirts and also in the drivers too.. dunno what causes this? maybe overlay of the d_tga file you created vs the original n_tga? im sorry to be a pain... but ive been using your redbull audi, scuderia alfa and also this now :3..
  12. Hmm that's interesting, I mean I don't think the n.tga file would matter:/ Is it common that you have those shadow effect?
  13. Pretty much on all animation scene.. e.g. r&d event when jeff is talking..
  14. Alright, I'm going to check what the problem can be
  15. yeh.. on the manor one its not so much noticeable.. but on the redbull audi mod.. waoo just when jeff is talking on r&d event.. the shadow of a big old redbull logo is on his chest which makes it quite annoying i guess.. since the animation is repeated.. and also it happens on christian horner's shirt after each race when u win or redbull wins
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
  16. Im pretty sure its the n_tga file of the same d_tga causing it.. because when i use d_tga file for n_tga and double lay it.. it somehow removes the shadow but makes it sort of not the right color.. i think it was the same problem as matdotter's mod in the williams martini mod..
  17. The normal maps (n_tga) would need to be changed to get rid of the "ghosting" issue, though it takes some time to redo them (unfamiliar with 3D modeling).
  18. is this correct?

    Open marussia.erp (F1 2016/asset_groups/f1_2016_vehicle_package/teams/williams/wep) and replace the following file(s):


    i assume that should be the marussia folder and not the williams folder?