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Skins Manor and Haas 2015 MOD 3.0

This provide a Manor skin, a Haas skin and a MOD that replaces Marussia and Caterham

  1. Flavio submitted a new resource:

    Manor and Haas 2015 MOD - This provide a Manor skin, a Haas skin and a MOD that replaces Marussia and Caterham

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  2. Are these ones made in DHD also?
  3. They look great! Good job
  4. All the skins are made in 4096x4096. Also the boxes are in a good resolution
  5. Thanks! Enjoy it.
  6. In my Game in the Menu is still written Caterham and Marussia above the logo and above the Photography of the Driver?What is wrong?New Team Logo are there,In ranking list those two car stand reversed with black background and there is also still written Caterham/Marussia.
  7. Sure that is the Language folder. Please copy all the folders again. Ah, I only modify it for english lenguage, maybe this is the reason. Try to put the mod again and tell me
  8. I have tried several times..
  9. Just an FYI, this mod causes my game to crash and corrupted my save file. No big deal as I was going to move back to Assetto Corsa anyway. Just wanted to let you know. Maybe there is an incompatibly with one of my other mods. I am running the realistic damage mod, an audio mod, a database mod, and the Williams Martini Racing mod. Any idea what may have caused it? I noticed this mod made only Mercedes have a 1* difficulty rating and Nurburgring was back in my game. Does that seem correct? It's a good looking mod so maybe I'll try again soon.
  10. This could be for many reasons. For example, this mod change the pitlane order to the 2015, if your old mod don't did it this kind of things corrupt the save file
  11. Problem with weels rear ,:(
  12. chianamik

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  13. Great Mod. Just wondoring how did you change the team name and logos?
  14. The teams name from language file in the language's folder, and the logos from b_nonpersistent file in the frontend's folder
  15. Thanks for the help.
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  16. Hey bro great mod but can u please swap Roman Groesjan from Lotus to HAAS,that transfer is confirmed and ye can you make 3 difficul stars for HAAS it is really stupid that they have same rank as Caterham..btw keep it up great job