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Mandatory Pit Stops

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by David Hester, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Is there a way to have a mandatory pit stop during a normal length race? I had to make it to where the AI almost ran out fuel before they stopped which was well over the 40 min time limit in the real series. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If you change the fuel multiplier in the options menu they should run out of fuel much earlier, what about trying fuel at x4 or even x6 ?

    If that doesn't work, there are other ways to make it happen.

    Easiest way is:
    in track gdb file, add these lines.

    (I usually write these lines after SettingFolder, SettingsCopy, SettingsAI lines but I don't think it matters. By the way, you must use the exact spaces and gaps as shown below between numbers and between = ).

    Driver1 = 2 - 12,23
    Driver2 = 2 - 13,24
    Driver3 = 3 - 12,23,28

    Explanation of first line:
    Driver1: name of driver, must match name in veh file
    2 is the number of pit stops that you want that driver to do
    12,23 are the laps when you want them to stop
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  3. Thank you very much Keith. I will give this a try. Do I have to put the curly braces below pit stop strategies
  4. Hey! It works. This is a complete game changer. Now I can have 25 min race with the karts and pitting in once at around 12 min mark.:thumbsup: @Keith Windsor Thanks you very much for this info.
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  5. Yes, exactly as it is laid out, including the same spacing, just insert names, chosen lap numbers, and add as many lines as you need.
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  6. hi,
    i modified the gdb files to define a pit stop for the AI drivers of formula reiza. that's working so far. indeed they don't pit in the lap i defined in the gdb (in most cases 1 or 2 laps later), but they are doing pit stops, and that's ok so far.

    after doing some races i found out, that i made every time a big step forward in the result table after the pit stops. to discover this behaviour, i watched some races by switching to the AI with time acceleration and took a look at their pit stops. it seems that there is a problem regarding the time, the AI need for their pit stop. some AI drivers do their pit stops in about 4 seconds (that's more or less equaly to the time i consume). but many other AI drivers (the most of them) do their pit stop in 13 - 15 seconds. it seems, that the pit stop only needs 4 seconds too, but they are waiting 10 seconds more until they leave.

    i already disabled everything regarding physical damage or mechanical failures to exclude this from the list of possible side effects why some pit stops are about 15 seconds. unfortunately, a challenging race with predefined stops is not possible with this behaviour.

    has someone made the same experience? is there an opportunity to define predefined values for the pit stop times? does it depend on the chosen racing series?
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  7. @stash
    I remember reading somewhere here I believe, that Reiza still had work to do on the AI behavior especially in the pits. Not sure though, as this would be a major bug.
  8. If the cars are not pitting on the laps you have chosen in the gdb then there is something wrong with the lines you have typed. If it is typed correctly, they will pit on the *exact* lap you tell them to.

    Alex Souza = 2 - 6,12

    In this example, Alex Souza will pit twice (laps 6 and 12)
    There are spaces around the equals sign, and around the minus sign.
    There are no spaces around the comma.
    I have not used this for a while, but it definitely worked when I last used it in GSC2012.

    Regarding the AI pitting, yes, I also have noticed that I gain places after the pit stops. In vehicle sets that give access to the hdv file, I can create my own individual hdv and edit my fuel load time, so that I take longer to pit. Then the pit stops become very close and exciting. But this is not possible in GSC with the hdv being hidden.
    It would be fantastic if Reiza somehow gave us access to override the pit menu settings to allow this, but I'm not sure it is possible. I don't know another way to equalize the pit stops without that access.