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Malversation of your work

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by zoka, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Richard Burns Rally is part of my OS,like graphic drivers,my favorit game,and i know that many peple love this game.
    The game was released 2004 and every track is refreshment for RBR community.I succeed to made track for RBR and i want to share that work with other RBR fans.
    The name of my track is zoka's track,and i find video on youtube with my track with different name.
    I use google translate,and on that video track name is Massacre in Srebrenica.
    What connection have RBR and Srebrenica,i dont know,what connection have RBR and Second World War i dont know, just be aware of evil people out there.
    They probably try to use your work in political,ethnical,racialism,or some other purpose

  2. lol, the name is kinda disturbing but then that's youtube, disturbing is at the heart of their marketing anyway. on the other hand, with such a huge database as theirs it may be very well some coding error or something with no intention or message behind it so i wouldn't worry about it if i were you, keep up the good work.
  3. Google translate is not very reliable. Perhaps you can identify the language it was originally posted and maybe someone here that speaks and writes that language fluently will help you get a better translation? You can always try to go through youtube's legal and get it pulled.
  4. It's in Spanish, and I can assure you the translation is correct. I hope (and I suppose) it's some kind of mistake.
  5. Hi, I m spanish, and I can ensure that allthough the traslation is not exactly good "word by word", the synonymous used is telling the same, Matanza is a mass killing, massacre is more or less the same. I think that here theword used is not important, th thing is there are people out there doing things that should not do.

  6. It's not a mistake,amazing to me is that video appears few days after i put track for downloading,im Serbian and im proud on that,like Spanish or other people are proud on their nationality.
    Thing is about malversation,in my case is political or ethnical,but never mind like ALVAZ say some people will do what they should not do
  7. he put that name in the video becouse the road is hard to drive for him. nothing more, what are you traiying to say?

    he present your stage in our forum like a great stage from a new developer and he post your name in the thread, stay clam.

    if you have any problem about the youtube video title, maybe you have to use youtube to coment him what is the meaning of that.

    all of spanish RBR fan are glad to drive your work, and we hope that you relase new stages to drive it all and enjoy like that stage.

    that video appears few days after you put the downolad becouse he like it and he want to make videos... look at his youtube chanel there are a lot videos from our RBR stages and we haven´t any problem.... don´t worry, after that i don`t think he wants to upload more videos from your work, he dosen´t like troubles.

    and please, answer me a litle question:

    how did you get your tarmac textures? they are cool.
  8. Liquido about textures,belive me i cant remeber where i was find that textures on internet,its RBR road textures xpack,maybe its from your site,i cant find them on net now but i can send you if you want.

    And belive me this,now i dont care about that anymore,that was my first stage and that video was angry me ,because i try very hard to finish that track for RBR community.
    I wasn't mean to put flammable thread,like i say, now its not important to me anymore.

    For me this thread is locked,i have no more to say about this...