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Apparel Maldonado 2011 Helmet 1.1

Fictional 2011 Design

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  1. Looks nice, but the Renault logo on the visor shouldn't be so stretched.
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  2. Oh ok, thanks.
  3. No prob ;) Just when in PS if you resize something, use the lock proportion button to lock the original proportion. It's between the percentage readings in free transform mode. (well I think you knew that :unsure: )
  4. Thanks for the tip. :)
  5. No prob man :)
  6. I've fixed the logo but havn't changed the render.
  7. That was fast :D
  8. hi i want to try designing helmets also i use PS my question is after you finish helmet how do you save as pssg file

  9. You don't save as pssg file.
    After modifying in PS, save the file in dds format and then import it in the pssg file.
  10. do i need any special program to import?
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