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Tracks Malaysia 1.1

Sepang International Circuit

  1. thestrobe8 submitted a new resource:

    Malaysia - Sepang International Circuit

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  2. thanks :thumbsup:
  3. add pitbox-------later !
  4. Hi
    What are you actually doing when converting these tracks ?

    When you convert tracks from other games ect , all the textures associated with that game for example are of different settings and although the screens make it look cool ,
    the video shows it really poor , specially after the tools have been released and you can save the persistence file of the FBX ,

    Tracks are just mesh you understand this as much as anyone , the textures provide the scenery and backdrop ,
    all you are doing is converting tracks and textures with zero thought on how this will look ingame ,
    Looking just for the duration of the video , change all the track textures exposure levels to -1.1
    and change all the grass textures to maybe -1.1 / 1.3,
    and change the sun angle to maybe around +42 to give a little more shade on the entire track as the levels of brightness is just way too much ,
    It may be me and how I do things but I would go through everysingle texture and just look at the exposure levels I can see what is going on , on the textures without even exporting into the game ,

    This game is next gen and you are making tracks look like last gen xbox 1 , ps2 , rfactor 1 :confused:
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  5. Just one problem I found on the start/finish straight after the grid in the center of the track there is a small dark spot that launches the car if you drive over it. Or did I just get a random error adding this track ? If so I will re install.
  6. No that is an object that will need removing but will only take 2 minutes with the tools
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  7. I would understand about what you write,with the translator I sit
  8. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    Quite disrectful in my opinion.
    The negative parts outweigh your tips here. :thumbsdown:

    If you don't like his conversion either...
    • don't play them
    • or create your own versions
    • or assist him directly, write him a PM with some ideas. :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
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  9. Instead of writing a review I leave it in the comments trying to be helpful and you guys still complain ,
    When converting anything in my opinion the textures are everything , so I would spend about 10 hours going through all the textures and making sure that , for starters they looked correct , but that is just me and how I see things should be done ,
    Converted rFactor 1 tracks to a next gen sim like Assetto Corsa ,
    they have all the shaders ingame and lighting really well done ,
    so using textures from 2008 is not the way forward the textures need to look vibrant without them been over exposed in no way at all ,
    So just converting tracks to AC from last gen games without looking at the textures once is a bad way forwards ,
    But if you are happy then so am I , I tried to assist people but they never listen anyway , if someone asked me to help and sent me the textures I would rework everything to how they should look all in high res and high detail but no one never asks , and that is also fine by me , just trying to help the community but should have known not to bother ;)
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  10. @chargingcar Though I dont disagree with you, if this is the quality thestrobe8 is happy with, its even less than none of our business what more he could do to improve them.
    Personally speaking, crappy or not, I am just glad I have the chance to drive some more tracks! Those that look too bad for my taste I just ignore.

    Finally, best way to express your disagreement would be to SHOW US what a well converted track looks like!
    Or in other words: Put your money where your mouth is!!
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  11. ;)
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  12. I want to convert a track , and have asked a couple of guys who have rFactor 2 tracks on RD ,
    If I get the permission to modify and convert one I will create one but only F1 tracks I want to convert into AC ,
    There is no rush with myself , I converted two the other day just to mess with but was from NKPro so deleted them afterwards ,
    But now know how to import and change all the settings that is pretty easy to do , all the hard work is done on the textures and settings that is why this guy is releasing so many tracks , has hes not doing any of the hard work , I would spend the same time he does a full conversion just on the cameras for the track , maybe I will get to convert one maybe not ,
    but I assure you it would be flawless , and only released when it looked like an official kunos track and nothing else :)
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  13. Chargingcar thank you for your comments and efforts, it will be very exiting to download the add on content that you are going to share. Your insight and attention to details surely will allows us to have access to very interesting tracks and car.
    I believe thestrobe8 is very well intended and brings us today material that he does to the best of his ability and I am grateful to him for spending time and effort and let us all have fun with it.
    Let's work as a community, the stronger should carry the weaker until they grow stronger.
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  14. Imola AC where quality?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
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  15. Its lazer scanned its pure quality imola , those parts you pointed out I have never noticed them , all games have issue if you look that close :D
  16. and still I do in Blender, instead of in SDK
  17. That is why , I was in the SDK and 3Dsimed other day for about 12 hours or so after release and the SDK is the way forward can not believe you are not using it , that is why I started explaining the settings too you ,
    the SDK has all the proper shaders that you need direct from kunos and you can see what the track will look like before importing to the game :O_o: