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Malaysia Live timing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christof Schgör, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Can i ask the meaning about those 2 Times?

    World Championship
    4.233s Time per lap
    Craig Baxter
    Craig Baxter

    9.546s Time per lap
    Dominic Foster
    Ben Eastman
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  2. I went onto the server last night and just done a few laps. I have no idea how it registered that i had done a 4.2second lap. Only thing i can think of is maybe i left the garage and reset and crossed the line? other than that i have no clue either.
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  3. If I could I would :D, tbh just happy I finished
  4. Glad to hear that as Im pretty sure we came together when someone took out the 100m board @t9 and I was worried I ruined ur race.
  5. Seems to be bug of liveracers livetiming app.
  6. I don't remember any coming togethers at t9 for me, although the missing 100m post did grab my attention. If i did I hope i didn't ruin yours ^^
  7. It did but it wasn't your(the persons") fault. I was following and just got lost looking for that board as I was right on their tail. Maybe it was someone else though or maybe you just didn't notice me bump off your tail haha
  8. I took that 100m board out on L1 trying to get back to the pits and failed horribly LOL
  9. Lol we need invincible boards