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Making 3D objects - Sketchup6 - how to make non-regular shapes and texturize them

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by martinez, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Hello, I've made a video tutorial of above. Maybe it will be a time to learn some new programs soon - this one is for Sketchup still ;)


    In the zip file you can find also Sketchup's files - a rock. The texture is from cgtextures.com. Feel free to use all of the stuff.
    If you want to extract the texture from Sketchup project, open the .skp file, bring Material Panel, right click on the texture icon and choose "Export". I have saved the jpg in the best quality (size is 256x256), so I hope it will be still nice. You can use any other square texture in xpack as well. Then convert the exported image to dds...
    I hope this tutorial can help you. Enjoy :)

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  2. Nice one, it rocks ;) Interesting, to map the copy (reqtangle) and 'paint' it back in the triangles, saves some time.
    Hoewever with regular 3D shapes result is not always whats expected, but then you can edit the x,y axes.
  3. I agree - it's easier to texturize faces separetely then. Both techniques can be easily combined.
    For more "go-around" shapes (like column with 12 faces e.g) - I think I can be good to texturize them in parts (3 times different approach). I Need to check it first, just guessing now ;)
    "Projecting" the texture works fine also if you want to make f.e. some window's frame - then you don't need to fight with positioning the frames' faces.
  4. hehe was playing with your rock, exported as jpg btw , no dds, its a small rock! so I scaled a little in btb ;)


    For colums I do it different, think there was some vid tut for also, just import the material, attach to column. (very small tex now) Open bucket, get same material and fill the rest of the column, done ;)
  5. :D Those remind me some funny characters from Moomins tales ;)

    I just found that the "projection" rectangle can be angled differently and placed e.g under the rock. This will give different texturize effect. Also - you can draw the rectangle later, knowing the dimensions of the model.
  6. To explain the column

    I removed my vid, this is good too ;)

  7. yep, and the tape measuring tool is a great tool, I use it a lot now ;)
  8. Cost me some days to fully understand what you're doing here, I mean the concept itself. Working now on some thing but gives me nightmares.
    Well done Martinez, never thought about to use the arc(s) in polygoon(s). Found btw that the hide, soften and especialy the devide option gives
    unlimited posiblitities wich comes very close to gmax/blender. Tnx for my headache :pcbeat:
  9. I didn't experiment with "soften edges option", I don't trust it too much ;) My stones look good in RBR if I set for their material "Render Normals Up". Without it they look angular - maybe too few faces, but I don't need more ;)
    If you hide something in Sketchup, it will not be exported.
    For correcting some shapes, I usually select their egdes and use "scale". I can't stand Sketchup's tendency to glue/position points to something else in this case. Maybe there is some hot key for use with mouse drag, but it does not work on my laptop...
  10. Very true, annoying indeed, therefor I use the move and/or devide. I will make a vid to explane what I mean.