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Major Controller Issues

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ant Collett, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hi, Ive just found rsbr2010 & got all up to date ready to try some online competition.
    Problem is i went to practice today & found my controls are messed up.

    I have tried the latest profiler software from wingman & that didnt work?
    My brake is pedal operates back to front & my steering is no where near sensitive enough.

    Is there a way to adjust these?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. In the profiler settings where it shows the wheel and pedals etc you should be able to left click the words brake pedal and it offers axis properties where you can click invert axis polarity and then in the steering you can adjust the sensitivity etc

    Hope this helps
  3. How do you guys have your profiler?
    I tried everything and i cant get rid of the heavy shaking and it looks almost like i am drilling the wall out of my house.
    Even when i change the FF ingame it doesnt change anything.
  4. Ivo, which Controller are you using? Is it Logitech?
    I have a G25 and my FFB is very good, it can be a bit shaky depending on the road surface (some stages have rough roads) but mostly I find it excellent.
    I have my FFB strength set up in the Logitech Profiler set to 101%. Maybe you can turn it down a bit more.
    I have Spring Effect and Damper Effect at 0%. Centering Spring turned on, but Strength set to 0%
    My In-Game FFB setting is shown here:

    Here is some more info re Controller set up that may help.

    EDIT: BTW, did you set up your Controller options under Mulligatawny as well as your own Profile. You need both if using RSRBR2010. If you did, you need to be in the default Game to save your profile changes. ie. If you launch RBR from "Launch RSRBR2010, and then change your profile settings, they won't be saved. You need to launch RBR from "Launch RBR SSE" if you want to save a new option for yor Profile.
    Hope that isn't too confusing.
  5. No no i figured that out already. :)
    Need to try your settings first. But when i tuned down the FF strenght to 90 nothing really changed. :)
    I have a DFGT btw. And i hate it when the wheel shakes alot and almost brakes your arm. :D

    Btw do i need to set global settings in the profiler or can i also set it as specific settings? I read that also somewhere that you need to set it as global settings.
  6. Yup did all of that. :)
  7. I have mine set under global for RBR.
  8. I think i have it now. Depends on the surface indeed.
  9. I still dont have my wheeloke
    The wheel is constant steering by itself. With center on and off.
    I cant get rid of it a little when i set the overall strenght to 50% but then i dont have any feeling in the wheel.
    Als i have my steering lock on 360 and i even cant take a normal hairpin even when i turn my wheel as far as i can.
  10. Ivo, have you tried setting your FFB to inverse? on rFactor i get the same problem as you describe unless i set my FFB to -100% rather than 100%.
  11. Ivo, which wheel do you have, is it a G25?

    Re hairpins, in Rally you need to use the handbrake to get around the tight hairpins. Did you run through the Rally School? You may also need to increase the Steering Lock in the car set up if you still have trouble with hairpins on tarmac.
  12. DFGT.
  13. I have no experience with that one, but I'll try searching around some other RBR sites.
    Maybe someone else here can offer some more help?
  14. I can't get the clutch to work with my G25. I have it set up in the profile but not working in game (RSRBR)?

    Is there a way to change default driving view? I prefer bonnet view and have to cyckle views for each stage to get there.
  15. Krister, to get a preferred driving view, including a bonnet view, you need to use Cam Hack, which is included with RSRBR2010. Here is a post describing it:


    My G25 clutch doesn't work either, but that may be due to having set autoclutch on. I haven't tried it with autoclutch turned off. I'm so busy keeping the car under control, I don't have time to think about the clutch. :)
  16. OK, I'll take a look at the Camhack. As with the clutch I was just looking for a way using it at the start of a stage, like what is possible in Race07 having it set to autoclutch. But I can live with just pushing the gear in to get it going when starting.