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Misc M3 VS 1M Mugello Special Event 1.0

you vs 10 1M's

  1. Michael Hornbuckle submitted a new resource:

    M3 VS 1M Mugello Special Event - you vs 10 1M's

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  2. Hello Michael, thanks for sharing this!
    I downloaded yesterday your file and tried to install but had no luck.
    Actually I'm not such a connoisseur in win7 and I would be grateful if you could give me some more info about the procedure of installation.
    What I did was to open "My Computer"/Local Disk (C) but couldn't find there any Steam/Common/AssettoCorsa/Content/specialevents
    I tried also to "My Documents" and found there AssettoCorsa/Content but there was no specialevents file, just three empty files (cars / tracks / one more-don't remember).

    Thank you
  3. Go to C:/program files 86/steam/steam apps/common/assetto corsa/content/special events/