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M1 Race Blu Series top 2012.riders 1.0

also includes repsol honda

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  1. realitychecked


    I felt in love with this... :inlove: Good on ya', mates!
  2. you are the best bush
  3. Can you make a version only yamaha?
    P.S. Excellent Job :thumbsup:
  4. Tetae: you can post download all your work? can not find them

    sorry for my bad english
  5. Yees it's pretty!!!
  6. Can u give me this honda special edition please......?? ;)
    Thats so great friend......!!!

    From Indonesia... :thumbsup:

  7. Damn why do all Indonesians let people know where they're from. Must be a cultural thing.
    Anyway to your Question file is removed up until Original Author(TATAE) puts it in the Ressource Manager. It is under Wrong posted Mods (merged).
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  8. Why did you say that ?

    from Canada... :whistling:
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  10. It is like trying to be excusive or famous, what does it matter where you are from. Would you put "I'm from out of my mommy" to any of your questions or releases ? Keep irrelevant infos to a minimum.
    simple as that is that it doesn't matter where you are from if you take something like your location and asking for a release that is time independend. If he wants attention from other indonesian or canadians than leave your home and go out, socialize yourself and have some time on your hands.
    For this it would particularly matter if you organize leagues through different timezones and want to join each other, yet it is a different subject and doesn't give anything relevant in asking the questions for a bike skin together with your origin. Could tell you I'm from Gotham but it won't get me the skin faster or slower so why bothering polluting the sourounding readers with unnecessary input. Time is limited so take and give rapidly. You could let everyone know that you will sit at home watching Red Wings vs. Leafs at New Years Eve in nothing but maple syrup and shorts to any of your releases it matters as much as letting people know what you do or where you are breathing on the planet.
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  11. I come from Thailand. I do not think it will be disruptive. I just want to share my works with everyone to play
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  12. when I download these file why not successed? any problem from link....is there any other link? tell me more guys
  13. Well than a Reupload through RD Ressource Manager is pleasantly adviced for the people that missed the first upload :)
  14. Thank u so much friend........!!! ^_^

  15. Thanks to your respect.... :)

  16. Thanks friend. Thats right.... :thumbsup:
    Whats wrong of our country...?
    I just wanna have a lot friend from the other county.....
  17. Whats wrong with you...??
    I just ask... And i'm not ask to you... :O_o:

    Whats wrong with Indonesia?? I proud with Indonesia.....!
    And i just wanna have friend from other country..... But, not someone like you :whistling:
  18. Thank u so much..........! For the share..... @TETAE :thumbsup:
  19. It is your underestimated english, which I can find excuses for but what I don't confirm with is this, I go on the internet and let everyone know where I am and what I do, certainly it still doesn't matter that you come from here and there especially on this kind of forums as I explained earlier. It just has no common sense in letting people know where you come from. People on the internet in general are people, not ethnics. Treat everyone with respect, certain aspects and ethnics don't have such a priviledge even. And to say I come from here and here and wondering what's wrong is odd. Do you feel like mars men for seeking others of your ethnics. If you want to get friends of your race then use something to connect to people of your like. We're racers here, it doesn't mean a thing where we are from as we seek the same spirit and no borders or walls will give us something we need for racing.
    You explicitly search for an answer to what is wrong with your country, to me it doesn't matter really, it is just astonish how many of you in particular come here, and violate rules(khairin), demand in very weird and bad english and refuse to admit they're making themselves a bad reputation on the net.

    In racing things like your homeland don't evaluate you to some kind, the time zones change but most will agree with me that they don't care about unnecessary information in threads like releases, request or wip. So why bother posting it remains useless until a point one can not confirm with your ethnics. And don't come and retain the impression that everyone is your friend or your bro, cuz we aren't. We accept and open doors to anybody so what about trying to be famous or revealed. I wonder if you go out in and let everybody know you are their friend, it will cause a lot of confusion and unwanted attention to the masses and you will get to a wrong guy once in a while, whether he does like you or not, it could even be a crook or criminal or the pope of godfatherism himself that would slice you in half on a fine day.

    If I'd be like you running around letting all people know about me and thinking I'm friends with them I would be butchered and made to sausage just because it annoys and takes costly time away for things people don't need to know about. You don't go to the supermarket screaming out your check list on what you buy and where you were buying before and afterwards, same thing it doesn't matter to people, not everyone is baking the same cake as you and you don't bake the nicest on earth either.
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