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Luiz Razia

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bradley Vanian, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Luiz Razia is set to be confirmed as the replacement for Timo Glock at Marussia tommorow.

    Too lazy to get a source.
  2. Oh, he looks fast.

    But Marussia will now have two rookies, I wonder if it's a smart move.
  3. Razia looks like he has a lot of talent.

    Still surprised that Razia, Chilton, and van de Garde managed to get drives ahead of the GP2 champion Valsecchi. But Valsecchi does have a test role with Lotus, of course a much better team than Caterham and Marussia.

    if Grosjean carries on with his antics this year i wouldn't be surprised if they hand his seat to Valsecchi next year.
  4. Isn't Razia's own website the source for this? And as Algersuari has shown, drivers who are talking themselves up are not necessarily a reliable source...
  5. Razia has been confirmed as Marussia's second driver. Interesting to see them with an all rooking lineup, he'll be out on track for the 2nd day of testing today.
  6. I hope Razia is able to stay in F1 due to his financial worries because he is very fast, very aggressive and very good for a team. I love Razia's driving talent and prefer his to home grown talent, Chilton

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