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LSD upgrade worth it?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Don Davis, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. So i've been eyeballing some upgrades for my Infiniti G37, 2009 7AT. I didnt get sport model when i got it, cuz in the long term i figured if i would track/autoX it i'd want to replace most of the equipment anyways.

    So ready to pull the trigger on some upgrades and the one thats got my eye is a 1.5 way Differential.

    Just wondering if anyone else agrees that this would be a great first upgrade for a car that hopefully will start hitting some tracks/autox in the next year or so. Also on the immediate list is new wheels (and likely an autox wheelset), and likely some bolt-ons.
  2. Depends on the horsepower... With less than 250hp it's not really necessary... On a FWD though if you go over or near 200hp it might be a good idea...

    So it would be nice to know how much horsepower you have :)
  3. No engine mods, yet. so factory 330hp at the crank. rwd of course.
  4. Hmmm... MAYBE it would be nice to have that...

    But still, I don't reckon seeing many G35's/G37's in Slalom or Autocross ? You'll have to do alot on it to make it competitive, which will probably put you in another class !
  5. its much more about the drive for me. I'm always up in northern Georgia, which has some great roads to drive on, and really would want to focus on having a great car to drive up there, as well as push the limits on these mountain roads (within reason of course).
  6. Ah ok :)

    Well, good luck then :p