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lowest team hrt or virgin

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by dazzadp, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. i want to start from the very bottom so which team is the lowest and why?
  2. forget why, just the lowest will do
  3. I think it is HRT at the start of the season :p
  4. Database file is saying something different... Virgin has less horse power than HRT.I think in game Virgin IS the very worst.

    In my career with HRT (I restarted and now I'm with Williams, I don't want to be P19 every race, LOL) in Qualyfing for Australia HRT got 10th row (me P19 and Liuzzi P20) with 2 secs gap between us and Lotus (Liuzzi lost 5 secs to Hamilton, 21st Kovalainen lost 7 seconds). HRT is not that bad at all in game :)
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Never drove the Virgin. The HRT was my car of choice from the beginning because it doesnt have KERS. Does Virgin has this system? It will compensate the lack of bhp for sure :)
  6. Virgin doesn't have KERS, the 3 back end teams should all be pretty similar though and I think out of whatever one you choose, if you put it on legendary and have longer races, you will still be fighting for position among that group. As I found in the HRT on Pro I was struggling to get away from them at times, yet as soon as I joined Williams I was at the top. Recently been doing 100% races with my friend on Legendary and I notice some laps you will get pushed and possibly beaten, but other laps you will close in on them and it varies (also depends on how good you are at the track) i.e. I got pole at Kuala Lumpar, made some mistakes but ended up finishing 2nd in the Lotus-Renault and I love the track, but only got pole by .300ths and at the start of the race I was really pushed to the limit as my car didn't cope with fuel load as well.

    I'd guess the 3 'newer' teams would be pretty equal in the game though. But I would suggest making it harder for yourself to make it much more enjoyable. 20% races just don't seem as fun!
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  7. ive just seen on a database that the virgin has 5 bhp less than the hrt, so that confirms that virgin are the weakest ream.