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Low revs & maximum amount of extra fuel = +3 laps

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Craig Whitmore, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I was on a 50% race and had a terrible qualifying round, starting from a full grid and in last place. I decided to run the first stint on Prime tyres. I then started out the race using low revs to build up some fuel reserves. After about 4 laps, I had gained an extra 3 laps of fuel. I was in a reasonable position by this time, so stayed on low revs, hoping to gain some extra fuel, however after a further 5 laps of racing on low revs, I was still on only +3 laps of fuel. For a total of 8.5 laps.

    What then further surprised me is that a couple of laps later, I attempted an overtake, so put the car into high revs and was in this mode for what must be no more than 1/2 a lap and as soon as I crossed the line, I was down to only +2 laps of extra fuel, despite spending a total of at least 8 laps of low revs.

    I am certain that the maximum extra fuel is +3 laps.
  2. Yep, I think you are right. I haven't seen it go above 3 laps either, so that might be the case unfortunately :/
  3. It says only +3 but you actually can save more fuel. I've beed driving about 10 laps on mix 1 and then 10 laps on mix 3. I believe the most important thing for fuel saving is 7th gear.
  4. I'm almost certain that the most important thing is revs. I can gain extra laps of fuel in mix 2 shifting early, or I can lose them if I let the red and violets light up before shifting. Of course if you set a too low 7th you will be on high revs for longer time, so it is important for fuel saving.

    Actually, I have the feeling the "fuel mix" is just a cosmetic thing and what is really changed by that setting is max revs.
  5. The fuel mix only make the car shift earlier to reduce engine wear and high revs, I have found it more easy to drive the car like this but more precision was required to make gains on other cars.
  6. I certainly find it easier to drive safer with low revs for the first few laps, until the tyres have warmed up and I've gotten into a rhythm.
  7. There are some important things to do to save fuel. From my experience and I drive only MIX 2 in races and very rear Mix 3.
    1. 7th gear - too low - high consumption. Too high - bad acceleration and max speed. The best way is to set your 7th to hit the limiter when you are on Mix 2 and DRS opened at the end of the longer DRS zone.
    2. Shortshifting at lower gears - I always shortshift at lower gears. This prevents unnecessary wheel spin which causes higher fuel consumption.
    3. The way you downshift - if you overrev your engine when you downshift again causes big consumption. Make a lap in auto gears and try to do it like that.
    4. Throttle at low gears - despite the shortshifting, pushing the throttle too much at lower gears has the same effect.

    If you combine all these points in one consistent stint you'll see how much fuel you can save without the need to use mix 1. The only points from a race where I use mix one are in the pit lane and 1/3 to 1/2 lap with new, cold tyres.
  8. ... and behind the SC.

    @xCpt Robx
    If you don't use Auto gears, you will notice that there is still a difference between the mixes. Lean doesn't reach the limiter as fast as Rich and you have less wheel spin = an easier to control corner exit. It helps me a lot in (full) wet conditions.
  9. I don't think I'm going to be doing that. I switched from auto because it was retarded. I use engine braking on every corner, causing higher fuel consumption. If you do the engine braking correctly, you shouldn't be using much extra fuel really.

    I'd still really like to see a more substantial fuel system used. The system Crapmasters have implemented is very rudimentary.
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I believe that the max display value is +3 but greater reserves can be built.
    In a 50% race due to damaged wings (2) and slow in laps /out laps on mix 1 and a safety car I had built up a large fuel reserve. I used mix 3 for around 10 laps and after 5 laps still had +3 on the display. Once it said +2 the depletion was as per normal.
    (I always use mix 1 for a full lap upon leaving from a pit stop with cold tyres and have the tyre temps displayedas well as after SC despite engineers urgings to up the mix )
  11. Could you tell me if there are other ways to save fuel?

    Im trying to use low revs and drive on the highest possible gear, but i lose fuel extremely fast (faster in career, in force india, than for example in single grand prix in red bull). When, for example, i have +2 laps, it can drop down to +1 in 3-5 laps (50% race distance, tested in New Delhi track). I dont have any ideas what else i can do. When i was driving red bull, i managed to use mix 2 for almost whole distance, and force to use mix 1 on the last lap - but there was no question about saving fuel like in your situations.

    Do you think that using shorter gears can speed up fuel consumption? What about high downforce?
    PS my 7th gear is very short - its almost reaches its limit on option tyres on the longest straight, using KERS only (not DRS), but otherwise my car wouldnt be competitive on straights, because of not many occasions for using DRS in race. Maybe thats the problem.