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Low poly vehicle TSOs wanted

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by R Soul, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. It's been surprisingly hard to find simple car objects. I've found some at the Nurburgring which are okay, but they're all Mercs and BMWs. That hardly matters to people who are driving, but if there's a car park which gets seen from a trackside camera, it might look a bit odd.

    So does anyone know of any other sets of low poly cars?

    Couldn't find anything on Google :/

    edit (16th March): see this post
  2. Please specify how many polygons could be lowpoly? I hope I will get some european civil cars soon (eg. Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza - not rally ones). My friend promised me to make them.
  3. The ones at the 'ring have a limit of about 40, so that seems like a reasonable figure, though I don't mind a few more. That figure also includes a black rectangle to mimic a shadow. And don't forget to ask your friend to put all car images in a single texture to keep the material count as low as possible ;)
  4. Great - they will be maybe little more complex, but I saw some samples and they were great. Yes, exactly I want the same thing - to put them on one texture. I can't promise it will be tomorrow, but I need them to ;)
  5. hi guys, i remember reading in another thread here about the texture sheet concept, which i've adopted as well. It turns out the correct name is a Texture Atlas, incase you were wondering
    i haven't used the nvidia tool yet, i've been doing it manually, but it sounds good.

    here is a good read on the topic (from the wiki page) - including some limitations in the last section

    i don't remember which other thread it first came up in, but feel free to post the links there too.
    Happy New Year!
  6. Thanks Woochoo for this - it makes me even more sure of it. In RBR they called it Object Texture Plate (Opaque or Transparent), and textures with single images were called Superbowl - I don't know why was that, but sounds funny ;)
    So, if you agree, "sheet" will be more coloquial :)
  7. Haha, i don't mind if you call them sheets, but i do like the cleverness of atlas, since a collection of maps is called an atlas, and these are texture maps afterall.

    Anyway, last night i decided that Longford needs some spectator cars, and some touring cars in the paddock area, so i made a start on an FX/FJ Holden and a Mini. I've got another four or five planned. I'm not the greatest car modeler, but when they're done i see no reason why i wouldn't Xpack them.
    The Holden is around 160 polys i think, the Mini is around 80.
    [BTB screen]
  8. Hmm, the cars I mentioned earlier are not low poly... they are very detailed, but look great :)
    Anyway, If you like, I can put into xpack cars from RBR - separated from the game and on one texture etc.
    The cars are rather simple models - there are also two trucks.
    If you know any xpack with cars you are interested in- let me know - I'll try to attach them to the "texture atlas" :)
  9. Thanks mate, but i think i'll settle for the few i'll make myself. I don't really want to have stuff in my track from other games, i'm trying to make as much of it myself as i can. And my cars will be old 1950s/60s cars found in australia, so it's going to be a fairly specific collection. thanks anyway. i'm sure plenty of other people might be interested in your pack
  10. @ Woochoo - I understand and I have similar approach. But I still can't create them myself. Your cars are perfect to match your needs.
    Ok, I will make some xpack with cars soon. Maybe somebody will find it usefull. Anyway, I think still the best idea is to make texture atlases dedicated to tracks - then they work the best. In other case some items will always left unused.

    Anybody from Australia, who or whose families/friends suffer from the flood - let me show my compassion on it. I hope it will end soon!
  11. OT but yes, I'm with you Martinez! must be terrible overthere, especialy at Queensland, my thoughts are with those who suffer right now.
  12. Also, not sure how many of you have seen this amazing piece of Software called Videotrace. It can take a video, with some user defined points and construct a 3D model with textures from it. This may be the answer to our Spectator Car X pack dilemma.

    check this link for a video on how it works.

  13. Yes, I saw it and it's great! But I could not find any "download" section there ;)

  14. Ahhhhhh Damn, never noticed that as I had not tried yet. I wonder if there is a way of getting it ?
  15. Yes you did and yes Im aware of the funny videotrace, lot of enthousiastic guys are waiting for the release for years now ;)

    Never was into cars but I will build one for our communtity Cars_Xpack, give me some time. And yes as low poly's as possible ;)
  16. Don't forget to put all the textures onto a single 'sheet'
  17. hehe, yes sir, np ;)

    However when the final result is there, maybe with all some 20 cars, then afterwards some must create
    one single sheet and one final xpack also, right ?
  18. hmm, working on some car but what do we think is an acceptable amount of poly's ?
    A square is low poly but a car need some smooht lines right ? so are we talking about 100, 200, 300, 400 ?
    Whats the maximal acceptable ?

    Proberly we pass those stand alone cars with 200 km/hr so doesnt need to be too detailled.
    But must look like a car right ?
  19. Around 40. Also, someone's changed my thread title, but I don't even know what a TSO is. Whatever it is, I want some apparently.