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Low FPS in co-op?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by iammx, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Anyone else experiencing this? In single player, career or timetrial I get 60+ fps with max graphics settings but when I play co-op my framerate is just destroyed for some reason! When I host co-op it drops to about 25 fps, so I had to get my co-op partner to host and I get around 30 at most tracks which is just about playable. Just got to Monaco and I'm getting 10-15 just sitting in the garage! I'll probably have to sit the race out because of this. How the hell is this happening? This game is just one disaster after another.
  2. Yes, me and my teammate are both getting this.
    • Before patch 2 it was fine.
    • For both of us SP and "normal" mulitplayer work fine.
    • I get a message saying my chat will be restricted to the nearest cars (again I don't get this in normal MP). But we're using skype not in game chat.
    Anyway to tell the game to not even try doing chat?

    Any thoughts / info greatly appreciated, it's stopping us playing! :(
  3. Never tried co-op before patch 2 but can't see how patch 2 has killed it. :\ There's no way to mute your co-op partner from what I could see but it's only 2 people anyway so it's never going to be the problem it is in full grids of human players online.

    We had to just give up in the end. Codemasters really know how to release buggy pieces of crap these days.