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Misc Low-Drag Manor MRT 2016-09-09

Tweaks the MRT05 to have lower overall downforce, reducing drag.

  1. Blaze The Fox submitted a new resource:

    Low-Drag Manor MRT - Tweaks the MRT05 to have lower overall downforce, reducing drag.

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  2. Can You Make 20% more Grip For All Cars Pls ? Because In Game Not Enough Grip
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  3. I dont see why not.

    I'll have a snoop around the files and see if i can make each tyre compound do this, or something.
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  4. This are the default settings for tyre grip:

    <MinGripMultiplier value="0.55" />
    <MaxGripMultiplier value="1.000000" />
    <GripMultiplier value="1.000000" />

    You just need to edit the GripMultiplier and leave the first two as they are.
    1.0150000 is more than enough grip for me to be competitive on Legend but that depends on your racing skills.
  5. Only thing if you edit all the cars that means that AI will also have more grip and by default will be faster.You could edit all the teams but only use the files of the team that you are driving for and keep the others as they are to stay competitive.
  6. There is enough grip. Why would you want more? Just add downforce in the setup. Why would you deliberately want to spoil the game?
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  7. How did you import the new .vtf.xml file into the .erp file? I'm using the Ego ERP Archive and importing an updated version of the file and it isn't importing.
  8. it took me a while to figure it out myself, but its actually pretty easy. its just that... theres not really any tutorials for it.

    i export the files from the ERP onto my desktop, so i have a folder called "f12016 vehicle somethingsomething etc." on my desktop. the folder has some subfolders, including teams. in each team's folder you will see "handling".

    in there, is the vtf.

    now, you should know that bit already but heres the next bit. once youve done your edits, put it int the BXML thing, option 3, change the extension from .c.xml to .vtf, then go to the ERP program and import all from the folder on your desktop, the f12016 vehicle one. not the folders in side it, but the folder that says "F1 2016 vehicle"

    and of course - make sure the thing youre trying to import to is the one from the asset groups folder.

    save it, and go.

    i can do a video tutorial if you want me too - just not today
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  9. Thanks for that, like you said there aren't really any tutorials on it but you have really helped
  10. no problem ^w^

    if no one does so before my net gets back to a workable speed, ill do a video tutorial for it
  11. CW.


  12. is there a way to change grip levels for individual teams?
  13. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Turns out there was a bug in ERP Archiver that didn't allow xml files to be imported. I have fixed this, and now the preview also gets updated properly. Please try version 4.3 (Modding -> Ego Engine).
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  14. honestly thought it was common sense to change it back to a vtf file when you were done - so it could be reimported properly.

    i guess not. well if thats the case, cool. i suppose it makes it easier for less experienced modders i suppose o3o

    but what about the whole having to select the "f1_2016_vehicle" folder thing? is it not possible to make it select individual files?

    personally, I think that would also be a major simplification of the tool that could really help other users get it. because it doesnt do that currently, it took me ages to figure out how to import files properly (and the only tutorial i could find never specified exactly how to do it.)

    just a suggestion is all ^w^
  15. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    That is the case if it is done through the Resources tab, but it is done automatically for you in the special tabs. (The new bxml converter (now called File Converter) puts a comment at the top of the file so the program knows which xml file type to convert back to)

    I agree that its a bit confusing right now. I tried to mention it in the readme, but I can see how it is still tough to understand. The problem with individual files is that some resources contain more than one fragments, so I have to output multiple files for just one resource.
  16. ah okay. i see.

    ive not fiddled with those as it stands, so i wont have had to deal with that yet.

    but ive got a performance mod sorted. i can do that easily now.

    i made the sauber into a front wheel drive car and its amazing
  17. Can you give me the original file for the manor performance would be much appreciated in career mode its getting to much like werhlein doing p5 in quali
  18. BTW I wanna ask here.

    Does anyone know if this kind of mod affects the performance meter for the teams in career mode?

    For example, if I make Sauber or Manor as fast as Mercedes in the vtf file will their meter goes up to the top of the table?
  19. Nope but they will be hell of fast