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Low Downforce

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by mighty-liverpool, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Hi can anyone tell me what number's i need to put in if i want low downforce,

    thanx in advanced
  2. This should really be in the set up forum i think.

    But for low downforce, wouldn't it be something like

    Front - 1
    Rear - 1
  3. Front wing setting and rear wing setting at 6 are standard. Anything lower then that is less downforce and anything more than that is higher downforce.
  4. Right, but not only wings affect overall downforce level. Lowering the ride height produces extra aero grip, and the less downforce you have the more comfortable you'll need to be with your ballast, springs and anti-roll bar settings, since more mechanical grip is required to cope with shifts in the car's balance under braking, turning and accelerating. It's no use having 1/1 wings for least drag if you're unloading and locking the front tyres all the time.
  5. Ride height also effect downforce if "Downforce" is what you're concern about. Higher ride height, you have less downforce.

    In terms of straight line speed, if you want to achieve least downforce, Aero front and rear and ride height is the only setting that affect ur speed.

    Front Wing = 1
    Rear Wing = 1
    Right Height Front = 11
    Ride Height Rear = 11

    However, be warn. It will be very tough to drive with this setup.