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Low Definition Car Graphics

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by daytona64, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Dear All, Is there a low definition 2012 graphics carset. My Laptop is not fast enough to cope with the fantastic ultra HD car skins that the modders have beautifully created. Whenever I try to use them I lose half my frame rates and fall from 30-40fps to 15-20fps and game is unplayable.

    I would like to use 2012 HRT etc, and I know there will be no platypus noses, but I don't have the frame rates.

    Any ideas?
  2. Take ryder's pssg editor. Then open some HD car and export the car scin somewhere, then resize it to what you want - 1024, 512 or 245 pixels size and then import it in the pssg. Save new file and replace HD file with it;) Also you can try to play on automatic or low graphics.

  3. Yes, I did think of that. I did download the pssg editor, wow that is complicated - couldn't work out how to load in a HD car!!

    To be honest, I was hoping someone else might have done it.

    I will take a look this week and if the guys who built the HD cars are okay I will upload a full set of gfx for the LD cars and give credit to the modders.

    Will give it another go though.
  4. Well, i have done only low textures already, but the high textures are still HD originals from the autors, becouse i have no probs... If you want them... Apropo if you choose automatic graphics all of the AI will take the low res skins ;)

    P.S. If you use HD tyres must take only high textures pssg, becouse the low tex is the same HD file, just renamed...
  5. On Automatic Graphics all the other graphics reduce definition. I just want the large HD files we get off the forum mods to be lower definition to maintain good FPS.

    Any ideas