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Lotus Insists Malaysian GP Result Is Not A Trend

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Apr 4, 2013.

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  2. I think the Lotus is one of those cars that are very sensitive to conditions.
    Maybe low temps is where it works best. China i think will have similar temps to what we saw in Australia.

    Car looked quite terrible in Malaysia frankly. Regardless of that little downforce he lost in the front wing.
  3. Actually, they had very good pace in Malaysia. When Kimi wasn't stuck behind some other car (which he was unfortunately 90% of the time) he often did the fastest laptimes of all cars, at some point 2 seconds faster than the Red Bull.
    Being stuck behind slower cars is nothing new to them unfortunately, for example it was particularly bad in India last year. The special conditions of Melbourne, where Pirelli brought the supersoft which only held for a few laps at the start of the race and was vastly inferior to the prime tyre, helped them make up for the bad position on the grid. But if they don't improve their qualifying performance or straight-line speed, I wouldn't be surprised if they see a repeat of the Malaysia result.
  4. Many people did fastest laps during the race though.
    Here´s the laptime chart (or seconds behind leader chart), keep in mind Hamilton was fuel saving from lap 25 and Vettel was taking care of tires in the last stint and ran the second to last stint behind Webber who ran against a time delta. (Vettel was asked to hold a 3 second gap)

    Vettel, Hamilton, Massa and Raikkonen shown below.
    He wasn´t setting the world on fire.

  5. Plot Hülkenberg and Perez as well and you'll see why he isn't so fast at some points of the race.
  6. Or we can just compare from lap 49 and onwards.
    Remember how slow the Mercs were running. In contrast to Massa who could gun it as hard as he liked.
    The Lotus simply wasn´t there in Malaysia and it´s the reason this thread even exists.