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Lotus Exos 125 @ Mugello

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Vincent Buccarello, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. On RSR Live Timing I did a 1:31.764, I also did a 1:31.5XX but it was not recorded because I was to wide on the green stuff, but I am 100% sure if you get a perfect lap without mistakes you can get to 1:31.3XX, maybe a bit faster. My time is 0.044 seconds slower then the WR, so it should be quite fast. Have fun.


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  2. thx for share.;)
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  4. Thankyou Vincent
  5. This is my new setup, it has more downforce, better gear settings and a more stable car... has a bit understeer and over kerbs a bit snap oversteer, but if you understand the setup you are able to get into 1:29.XXX
    with a big mistake and without driving perfect I did a 1:30.4XX
    what is 8 tenths from the WR away.. have fun


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  6. thanks
  7. thank you vincent, your setups got me 2 seconds faster :) Only little changes are needed due my driving style and use of gamepad (i know not so good^^)
  8. This has some small changes, it sorts out most of the problems, it is unbelievable stable, you can go nearly full throttle through "Le Arrabiate", just about 80-95% throttle around the first right hander, then just full throttle in 5th gear (not 6th!!!), it is by far the fastest time in S2, and with a very very poor S1 and a solid, but not perfect S3 it made me do a 1:30.262 in the first lap with very cold tyres...
    Turn in is faster, but be careful, if you enter the corners to fast you will do a 4-Wheel drift... so try nice and clean, and watch some Ferrari Virtual Academy Videos, there you will see the best racing line for Open Wheeler. Also going over kerbs is not so dangerous any more... and you can go on the throttle a bit earlier, but be careful there, if you are to rude, you will have a spin :) Have fun. I think I won't change anything, maybe just very small changes are coming, but this is definately a possible (PRO RANK) WR setup. It is hold by Klaus Ellenbrand with a 1:30.1XX. The WR by Daniele is not compatible with the Pro Rank, he used different tyres, which are not avaiable for the Basic T125. So have fun with the setup, go and catch the WR :)

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  9. thanks
  10. Now it is a WR Setup :)
    PS: You can play a bit with the rear wing, rear camber and the diff...
    Maybe you want to increase the rear wing, or rear camber and play with the diff to adjust it to your driving style :) Have fun with it.
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  11. Akis

    Over 9000 Premium Member

    I just gave your last setup a try with -1 +1 at front/rear wings respectively. It is very fast indeed. Great job!
  12. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall
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    Sound set up stuck the S1 in 12th with this set up at mugello ;)
  13. Good setup. Tricky compared to your Nurburgring set. I think 1.29.6 is possible but it's very hard to get all the corners right with this setup. Thanks for sharing.

    where does the snap oversteer on the curbs come from? Front toe-out ? I would love to get rid of that
  14. Great setup, with some tweaks i could post a 1:25,0 in the S1 Version wich put me in second place, 4 tenth behind the alien, did one 1:24,871 but not legal...because Bit to wide... Hope to have some time to try the net days... Splits are able to go 26,4
  15. Yes, I did a 1:24.8XX, it was legal, but I think my Internet Connection was broken, so it was not uploaded to RSR.. but I have a different setup for the S1 version, which is fast aswell... its similiar, of course...

    Don't know where the snap oversteer comes from, a bit from the differential, maybe ride hight, and yes, front toe.. but forget the curbs at Mugello, they are very tricky, it is faster to avoid them, you need a lower car to enter the corners faster, otherwise nothing happens if you turn the steering wheel...
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  16. Well, guys, there is always a way to become faster, this setup is a joy for Mugello, it made me do a 1:24.6XX in the S1 version and a 1:29.5XX in the basic version (WR), in the S1 version I was sliding very much because of the heat in the SuperSofts, if I was a bit more careful, it would be closer to the WR by Morgan Morand, in the basic version it was a good clean lap, not perfect.. I will wait until someone becomes faster then me, then maybe I will make some more changes, Let's see if I can use this setup as a base for even more setups for the Exos Pro Rank in RSR. Just let me know if you are looking for a setup of mine.

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  17. thanks

  18. Wow this one feels amazing ! So easy to drive. I'm sure it can do 1.28.5. I'll probably end up bumping the power lock to 20-30% like I did on your Nurb setup. I think I get some wheelspin on the inner wheel coming out of a couple corners. Thanks for sharing
  19. Thank you Vincent!
  20. What a seriously awesome setup! Insta 2.5 sec. faster ;) very happy now ;)
    pls keep sharing your setup skills with us, no matter what track/car combo...