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Lotus Exos 125 @ Imola

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Sebastian Wolff, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. made a 1:31.039 with this today, still room for more. Rank 18 is not bad. It`s amazing to begin to slowly understand what all the different components of a car are doing...
    Thought I`d share, have fun :)

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  2. thanks
  3. you`re welcome, I know the setup is not perfect though....but what always strikes me is how you can constantly improve your lap times at Imola if you just keep driving your laps with the same tires, suddenly you`ll get faster, lap after lap. That`s what I experienced.
  4. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    As requested by @Ashley Cowan
    Very stable setup, still could use some proper work in the right hands as I am no setup expert :).
    I drive 1:29.5xx with it in practice with perfect conditions, but I think there still is a good 1.5 seconds to gain with it. It is also good for a race, just a bit low so watch the kerbs;).

    Edit: You can also gain some time if you stiff up the rear anti-roll bar, but I just prefer driving it this way.

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  5. Ashley Cowan

    Ashley Cowan
    Premium Member

    Thanks Frank, I ran this tonight and for me it was only a tiny bit quicker than my set-up. 132.3
    This leads me to think my problem on Saturday was the component between the steering wheel and the pedals :mad:

    Interesting to see all your settings though and will influence my set-up this Saturday. You had more toe out and in and more wing.
  6. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Every setup requires some time to get used to, it is also very personal. I changed a lot of things btw, also in dampers etc.
  7. thanks ;)
  8. this setup is also very good for the s1
    i just got a 1:24:9 with it
  9. Thanks! I'm just new to AC, and this setup helps me to understand the car and to learn the track. And to get fun :)
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  10. how do you guys check these world rankings at?? where do I go to see the leaderboards. I haven't tried your setup, but I've done a 1:28.9 with stock setup (supersoft slicks and 20 L of fuel though).
  11. Ok, I tried your setup and I did a 1:28.1! Took a while though, car seems to be more sensitive to curbs now. If you even just barely clip a curb you spin out...took me like 8 tries to just get a decent lap but when I finally got one it was a new PR! :D Thanks!
  12. just a stupid question. where i have to insert this file?
  13. In Documents/Assetto Corsa/Setups you'll find folder for each car and track, paste it inside the right folder, and then start Assetto Corsa for this Car and Track and you you find this setup at garage.
  14. thank u so much mate ;)