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Skins Lotus E22 Bahrein GP 1.0

The lotus E22 of 2014 on the Bahrein GP

  1. TrollOhLauL submitted a new resource:

    Lotus E22 Bahrein GP - The lotus E22 of 2014 on the Bahrein GP

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  2. I don't know whether it is your graphics settings that make it look like that it is a low quality work or it's simply due to your graphics settings. I don't know but as far as I can tell this needs a lot of improvement. Although for first skin it's not that bad. You will surely improve as the time goes by.
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  3. Sure, it was my first try so it's normal that was not a super quality I think ! But i'm try to improve it ! Thanks for your advice, it help me a lot !!!
  4. I realize that the picturesare not very good quality so I try to fix it
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