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Skins Lotus E21 Gold Edition 1.0

Lotus E21 golden edition

  1. supla007 submitted a new resource:

    Golfinger's back! Lotus E21 golden edition - Lotus E21 golden edition

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  2. One word Superb :thumbsup:
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  3. Brilliant! Fantastic! Absolutely brilliant!
    Thank you!
  4. Amazing job,thank you.:cool:
  5. Looks like iphone 5s ;-)
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  6. hi man, it was beautiful .. but how to do it in mercedez to have that chrome?
  7. The gold lotus was one of my fave skins from 2012, so great to see this make an appearance. Thanks so much supla.:thumbsup:
  8. Awesome supla, great job as always. Looks way better than original livery :thumbsup:
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  9. What's higher quality HD or DHD???
  10. Amazing livery thanks breda
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  11. DHD - double HD
  12. sorry but I dont now how to put this in game.... do i need to rename files or just to put hem in lr2 folder?
  13. One problem Supla, i guess you noticed it too. The car is way too shiny i gues you shouldn't made it that strong chrome effect. I was doing career in bahrain and the weather was clear and the car itself was lost in the reflection of sun. I couldn't even see properly the car. It was so shiny. Can you maybe decrease the reflection of the specocc color ?:) . I mean do it little darker white or close to grey. That should solve it i guess.
  14. Can you show me some screens? Then I could adjust the speccoc
  15. Very very beautiful ! Thanks !! :)
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  16. Nope. Original game just car mods and tracks. No fx or enb or any graphics tweak.
  17. Strange. What if you adjust the red channel of the speccoc a bit? Actually the speccoc is less shiny than the Macca one.
  18. Problem is my photoshop doesn't support the DDS textures, tried installing the DDS plugin still don't work. I have a dds converter which converts DDS to BMP but it only can convert it to 2048x2048 at max so i would lose quality if i would overscale it to 4096 again that's why. I guess it wouldn't be a big deal to ask you to make it less chrome or shiny ?:)