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Skins Lotus E21 Abu Dhabi & Brazill 1.0

Lotus E21 Abu Dhabi & Brazill

  1. Hi, this is a painting of Lotus Abu Dhabi & Brazil.
    Done in HD.

    Special thanks to Supla007, this painting is based on his Lotus E21:thumbsup:

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
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  2. Is the expo logo text on the changed is on the car too?
  3. Expo logo is missing. This is half work only, and this is not the one they used in Brazil&Abu dhabi. The side big geni logo should be changed on the sidepod too with the expo dubai 2020 logo
  4. Omg, this is early version my painting. I will upload lastest version when i back to home
  5. This will look pretty cool when the finished one is uploaded later :D
  6. Sry didn't know. But you shouldn't have uploaded it if it's half done only ;)
    Never upload unfinished work mate.
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  7. I know, but i uploaded wrong file.;) I already send a new file.
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  8. n1 Job :thumbsup:
  9. Awesome job! :D Does the Abu Dhabi version have the expo dubai 2020 logo on and Kimi's name? :)
  10. No it doesn't...what was USA and Brazil only :p my bad! Awesome skin :D
  11. Very good job! Thank you!:thumbsdown:
  12. Actually I have you my ok to use my skin as a base. What what you did is simply using my skin and putting on new logos.
    At least make the effort and paint something, rather than just using my texture.
    This is not what I gave you my permission for
  13. Besides, you wrote it is based on my painting. It actually IS my painting, just with different logos.
    A base would be, you using my skin to repaint it. Adding your own lines, bolts etc.
  14. Sorry, but misunderstanding could arise from differences in language. I would not say anything if I didn't want to ask you for permission, but I did it. I put in a lot of work, this may seem ridiculous to you because you're good at what you do. If you feel cheated, ask for the lock thread.