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Lotus Confident That Raikkonen Stays

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, May 22, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

  2. Hope he stays at Lotus.
    Don't won't Vettel and Kimi in the same team.
    Kimi needs a place were he can race freely without any politics.
  3. Okay so there is actually no definitive statement from Kimi in there, just Gerard Lopez' wishful thinking. So far, Kimi's future is as open as it has always been. As a consequence, the title is completely misleading :thumbsdown:
  4. Talk about misleading title....
  5. Sorry, but what is it with forum members criticizing the efforts made by others to the forum blogs. Why don't you contribute with engaging blogs instead?

    Seeing to much of this....
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  6. Contribution doesn't justify if someone may criticize an article or not...... ;)

    About the article, the first paragraph says that Kimi will remain with Lotus while the 4th paragraph say they hope he will remain with Lotus. That kind of get's a bit confusing.
    Honestly, just take the comments as feedback. :)
  7. Ok, so if one 'wants' to leave constructive criticism or feedback say why... Simples innit.

    Instead of - misleading title, say why.
  8. To be fair, the title "Lotus Confident That Raikkonen Stays
    " doesn't suggest or hint at anything definitive from Raikkonen himself as some have suggested. It's merely alluding to Lotus' confidence that Kimi will remain with them be it wishful thinking or otherwise.

    The first paragraph does indeed imply Kimi will stay, until the part of..."according to team owner……" - suggesting this is still speculative and not concrete.

    The relationship of the title to the body text is not misleading IMO.

    Keep up the good work Dan Hawkins
  9. He changed it, it was "Raikkonen to stay at Lotus next season" initially.
  10. Chris Benham

    Thanks mate, although it was changed from Raikkonen to Stay At Lotus Next Season..... But it keeps them all happy... But I would like to see some articles from the critics ;)

    I'm up for constructive comments though and admit when I make a mistake... So yeah, this was my bad.