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Lotus Confident Raikkonen Will Stay

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Jun 30, 2013.

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  2. Even tho he could get a better car, I kinda hope Kimi stays at Lotus. But who knows, Kimi might start driving motocross next year.
  3. Tired of this PIRELLI bullshit.They bring the safety car because of them.
    If safety is the prior in F1 then BANN pirelli forever before somebody died.
  4. Blame FIA not Pirelli : Pirelli is/was forced to create crappy tires by the FIA :(
  5. Shame on Charlie Whitting for letting Mercedes to test 1000 Km without penalty (now they already the 2nd team ahead of Ferrari and Lotus - before the private test they were on 4th position)
    Shame on Bernie Ecclestone who pleased the Pirelli to make tyres to change them more often than early years.
    Shame on Jean Todt who is not a strong president of the FIA, just a puppet
  6. you forgot:
    Shame on Jean Todt for the f****** V6 1.6Turbo for next year.