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Lotus and KERS

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Sters9, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have been looking around and there seems to be a lot of different answers regarding the ability to get KERS for the lower teams.

    I have read that it becomes available if you finish 8th or above in the constructors championship - however i finished 8th in my 1st season with 27 points and got nothing in the 2nd season.

    I have also read that it will never be available no matter how many seasons you do, due to licencing restrictions.

    Has anybody actually obtained KERS for the lower teams yet? Im getting closer to the end of my 2nd season now (am on 62 points - not hit all objectives but am number 1 driver) and wondering if i should move teams just to get KERS or take the risk and stay with Lotus in the hope that i get it in my 3rd season.

  2. You can get KERS for Lotus? That's a news to me. But in any case, KERS doesn't make a big difference. Even in real life, according to Mercedes team, KERS effectiveness is 0.4s per lap at Monza where it is most effective. Other tracks 0.3s per lap.
  3. They are not using it right :wink::tongue:
    That's why they are being trashed.
  4. KERS is overpowered in F1 2011. Atleast with Legend AI the gap between the non-KERS and the KERS teams is about 2-3 seconds per lap. Now that gap is not only due to KERS but it is still too much, you have no chance of out-racing a Williams or Toro Rosso in a Lotus unless you block them for the entire race or if they crash..
  5. @Alex That's OK. Why? Because the lowest teams can't fight with Williams and Toro Rosso in real life too. But to be honest gaps beetwen teams are not matching real life. Midfield should be more spread - Williams should be 3-4 secs behind Red Bull, HRT 6-7).

    KERS maybe is not improving lap times much, but it's really useful in race.
  6. So.....would you move teams?
  7. I would but what you do would be up to you. Assume that you wont get KERS with Lotus. Is there any particular reason you're staying with Lotus?
  8. Hmm good point. Like the idea of taking one team to the top but another season potentially without KERS would annoy the crap out of me
  9. Just to note. Came 5th in constructors. Stayed with Lotus............no KERS in season 3.........balls