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Cars Lotus 98T [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Lazarou, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Paul Smith submitted a new resource:

    Lotus 98T - Classic for GSC

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  2. what do i title the realfeel? i noticed the previous one had [lo49]
  3. what i did was drive the car in the game first, it will automatically add the car to the bottom of the realfeelplugin file with a generic realfeel setup. then i just copied the text from the post and replaced it. it was labeled it under [98T L]
  4. The real feel may need adjusting to your particular wheel as I am still not 100% happy with it but that is on a Logitech DFGT.

    The lotus 49 I posted was easy, this one needs a bit of work. If anyone beats me to finding the magic setting then post it up so we can compare. Thanks.
  5. Apologies for the misleading FFB settings. Updated realfeel as i had an issue with my wheel and this feels much better. :redface::redface::redface:

    [98T L]
  6. Paul Smith updated Lotus 98T with a new update entry:

    Updated Physics

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  7. Please give me your impressions for future updates.
  8. thx man
  9. Paul Smith updated Lotus 98T with a new update entry:

    Lotus Renault 98T 1.20 Updates

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  10. Thanks for posting Ryan, what resolution/graphics settings you running if you don't mind me asking?
  11. GSC config.jpg GSC 2014-06-12 16-13-29-82.jpg
    No problem, here is my GSC config exe and the settings in game.
  12. Thanks Ryan, i think the .dds file for the Helmet is too big for some systems. Being a amateur modder i will have to look into as you can see from my youtube vid and photo's the helmet was fine on my system were i run everything on max in the replay, but on my other computer (not as powerful) there is a problem in the replay. The mirrors i know about and will update them. If its bugging you just copy the TeamLotusHelmet.dds from a previous update into this location C:\GSC2013\GameData\Vehicles\LOTUS_98T\LOTUS_98T\Teams\TeamLotus and overwrite. That will take you back to the slightly greenish original helmet until i work out how to fix it.
  13. Thanks Paul!
  14. I opened the .DDS file and re-saved it, even though the file was bigger it worked fine! I have no idea why! :O_o:
  15. The joy's of I.T:mad:

    Let me know if anything else occurs. I am in the process of doing Ayrton's race suit and gloves properly as well so hopefully that will work for you when I update. Also I will be bringing out the 1200 Bhp qualifying big gun version once i've sorted it.:)
  16. Yay! Awesom :thumbsup:
  17. Paul Smith updated Lotus 98T with a new update entry:

    Lotus Renault 98T 1.30 Graphics & Physics Upgrades

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  18. Hello, please, this car also working with Game Stock Cars Extreme??? Thank you very much.
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